Krych updates Board on West Middleton

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West Middleton principal Katrina Krych presented a school improvement team report, which is tied to the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework, to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 22.

Sauk Trail principal Chris Dahlk also presented to the Board.

Director of Elementary Education Rainey Briggs also attended. He opened the presentation by reviewing the types of interventions -- urgent intervention, intervention and on-watch -- and explaining how each is used. He also briefly reviewed District data and said another report will be provided in December, which will include numbers for students in need.  

Krych said she was please that all MCPASD schools are using the same school improvement template this year. She noted school SIT teams met in August for a data dig to determine their individual goals and that STAR is a new data tool to measure reading and mathematics progress. Krych believes an attainable goal is for every student to make one-year worth of growth, while also making sure students who aren't proficient in any areas attain that level.

"Ultimately, we want all of our kids to continue to grow and our children who aren't proficient to make accelerated growth,'' she said.

She said West Middleton staff are spending a lot of time learning about the data, with action steps being broken down through the District's strategy map. She believes the No. 1 goal at elementary schools should be to have children reading at grade level. Staff are also working to create a better professional learning community so that they can learn from one another.

Krych also highlighted some of the family engagement efforts taking place at West Middleton. She was excited to see lots of representations from every school neighborhoods at the fall concert. She noted transportation was again provided for families who needed it but the numbers were better because, "All families feel like they belong here.

"We're going to do as many things as possible to make them feel like they belong,'' she said, adding families have also requested more fun events like Zumba or soccer games. "We want some chill ways we can interact with our children in the school setting.''

Krych and her staff are also working to build deeper, more meaningful, relationships. "That work pays off when situations do arise,'' she said.

Dahlk opened by noting her report mirrors what Krych provided. Dahlk noted staff who attended listening sessions spoke about PLCs and making sure they meet the social and emotional needs of all students.

"All of the schools are working together so it's not just pockets of good things happening around the District. ... It's very deliberate,'' Dahlk said.
Dahlk reminded the Board she has presented separately on the Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) program that Sauk Trail participates in through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction but that she provided that information with the school improvement team report this year.

She noted Sauk Trail is making some tweaks to its parent-teacher conferences and also shared her families have requested that the school offer events beyond just academics.

"I expect that engagement you are building now will pay dividends for years to come,'' Todd Smith said.

Katrina noted students aren't going to love every teacher they have, but need to have at least a couple, especially at the elementary level.

"We have a responsibility to make those kind of connections so families have things to build on,'' she said.

Krych and Dahlk also praised their respective staffs for their dedication. Krych shared that many of her staff weren't paid but still attended an evening BBQ and morning donuts at Elver Park.

"So many just go because it's important to them,'' Krych said. "They know how important it is. The people who work in our buildings are phenomenal.''