General Overview

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West Middleton Elementary is K-4 school of 490 students located on the outskirts of Madison, WI.   Due to the location of school next to a highly traveled highway, all students are bused to school, though bike paths from some neighborhoods provide the opportunity for bicycle transportation for some students.   Class sizes average about 22 students per classroom.  There are special education programs to address needs in learning disabilities, speech and language, occupational and physical therapy, and emotional/behavioral disabilities. A reading specialist is on staff to supplement reading instruction, and a half time teacher is available as a resource for teachers to challenge gifted students. We are classified as a school-wide Title 1 program.  This provides us with the flexibility in meeting the needs of all of our learners.  Further, staff members are employed to provide additional math support. All students have ENCORE instruction in: Art, Music, Physical Education/Health, Library, Technology, and Guidance.

 All regular education classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and projectors, with the same equipment being standard in music, art, and reading rooms.     


Orchestra (grades 4)


Specialists in art, music, physical education, and technology

Literacy Assessments 3 times per year; Math assessments 3 times per year

Bridges in Mathematics

FOSS Science

Lucy Calkins Units of Study - Reading

Lucy Calkins Writing

Handwriting Without Tears

Enrichment Spelling Bee (4)

Geography Bee (4)

Chess Club (3/4)

Music Club

Art Club

Musical Performances

Dance Club

Girls on the Run

Community Awarness Club