Welcome to the Second Week of School!

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Welcome to the second week of instruction for students! We know the past few months have been challenging for many students, families and educators and we hope that as we move forward, things will get better.  Every educator will tell you the best part about the first week was interacting with your children.

As Dr. Monoque stated in the video that was shared with District families today, the first week was intentionally designed to be a soft start. The rigor of and expectations for learning will steadily increase over the coming weeks. It is similar to training for the marathon.  Before you hit the trails and run five miles, let alone 26.2, you need to ease into it – test out your shoes, maybe walk before you run, etc.  Imagine being in charge of 20 or so happy, wiggly 7-year-olds, who may or may not be tech savvy, may or may not have the support of an adult, or may or may not be able to navigate the system.  We want each of these students to succeed.

Your educators need your support right now.  They have put in countless hours preparing for this semester, and what you see in their small group sessions is a very small part of their day.

Please use grace as you contact your educators.  We will get through this together with everyone’s help.