Recommended Leveled Series

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Level D/E Level F/G/H Level I Level J Level K
Level L Level M Level N Level O Level P
Level Q Level R Level S Level T Level U
Level V Level W Level X Level Y Level Z
Level D/E
Adventures of Otto (Milgrim)

Big Dog and Little Dog (Pilkey)

Gossie & Friends (Dunrea)

Otter (Garton)

Puppy Mudge (Rylant)

Tiny Series (Meister)

Level F/G/H

Benny and Penny (Hayes)

Biscuit (Capucilli)

Crabby (Fenske)

Danny and the Dinosaur (Hoff)

Digger and Daisy (Young)

Dino Detectives (Yasuda)

Duck, Duck, Porcupine (Yoon)

Elephant and Piggie (Willems)

Elephant and Piggie Like Reading Books (Various Authors)

Mittens (Schaefer)

Monkey and Cake (Daywalt)

No, David (Shannon)

Noodle (Crow)

Pet Club (Hooks)

Pete the Kitty - I Can Read

Pip and Posy (Scheffler)

Robot and Rico (Suen)

Sports Illus. Kids Starting Line Readers (Joven)

Truck Buddies (Crow)

Trucktown Series (Scieszka)

Level I

Buzz Beaker (Meister)

Dragon (Pilkey)

Fly Guy - fiction (Arnold)

Little Critter most (Mayer)

Max and Mo (Lakin)

Max and Zoe (Sateren)

Morris the Moose (Wiseman)

Pete the Cat - I can read

What Do People Do All Day and similar Scarry collections (Scarry)

Level J

Annie & Snowball (Rylant)

Bille B Brown (Rippin)

Clifford (Bridwell)

Cork and Fuzz (Chaconas)

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (Willems)

Fancy Nancy (O'Connor)

Fox (Marshall)

Froggy (London)

Henry and Mudge (Rylant)

Hey Jack (Rippin)

Iris and Walter (Haden Guest)

Jamela (Daly)

Katie Woo (Manuschkin)

Little Bear (Minarik)

Minnie and Moo (Cazet)

Mo Jackson (Adler)

Mouse Soup and Mouse Tales (Lobel)

Mr. Putter and Tabby (Rylant)

Olivia (Falconer)

Pedro (Manushkin)

Poppleton (Rylant)

Pinkalicious (Kann)

Unicorn and Yeti (Burnell)

Young Cam Jansen (Adler)


Level K

Arthur (Hoban)

Bille B Brown Mysteries (Rippin)

Black Lagoon (Thaler)

Bramble & Maggie (Haas)

Commander Toad (Yolen)

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa (Silverman)

Curious George (Rey)

Fluffy (McMullan)

Franklin (Bourgeois)

Freckleface Strawberry (Moore)

Frog and Toad (Lobel)

High Rise Private Eyes (Rylant)

Houndsley & Catina (Howe)

If You Give a… (Numeroff)

Jamaica (Havill)

Knuffle Bunny (Willems)

Ling and Ting (Lin)

Lionel (Krensky)

M&M (Ross)

Madeline (Bemelmans)

Mercy Watson (DiCamillo)

Monkey & Elephant (Schaefer)

Nate the Great (Sharmat)

Poppy the Pirate Dog (Kesler)

Princess Posey (Greene)

Sofia Martinez (Jules)

Yasmin (Faruqi)

Zelda and Ivy (Kvasnosky)

Level L

Amanda and Oliver (vanLeeuwen)

Amelia Bedelia (Parish)

Cam Jansen (Adler)

Dodsworth (Egan)

Fergus & Zeke (Messner)

George and Martha (Marshall)

Horrible Harry (Lee)

Infamous Ratso (LaReau)

Joe and Sparky (Michalak)

King and Kayla (Butler)

Milo and Jazz (Montgomery)

Miss Nelson (Allard)

Molly Mac (Kelley)

Pee Wee Scouts (Delton)

Pinky and Rex (Howe)

Princess in Black (Hale)

Rainbow Magic Fairies (Meadows)

Ricky Ricotta (Pilkey)

Shark School (Ocean)

Soccer Cats (Christopher)

Song Lee (Kline)

Tales of Oliver Pig (Van Leeuwen)

Triplet Trouble (Jones)

Tugg and Teeny (Lewis)

Level M

Bink and Gollie (DiCamillo and McGhee)

Bailey School Kids (Dadey and Jones)

Calendar Mysteries (Roy)

Cobble Street Cousins (Rylant)

Critter Club (Barkley)

Eerie Elementary (Chabert) Flat Stanley most (Brown)

Ghost Detectors (Enderle)

Ivy and Bean (Barrows)

Jigsaw Jones (Preller)

Judy Moody (McDonald)

Junie B. Jones (Park Katie)

Katie Kazoo (Krulik)

Little Shaq (O’Neal)

The Littles (Peterson)

Lola Levine (Brown)

Lucky Charm (Richardson)

Magic Tree House (Osborne)

Marvin Redpost (Sachar)

Milo and Jazz (Montgomery)

Missy's Super Duper Royal (Nees)
My Weird School (Gutman)

Narwhal & Jelly (Clanton)

Owl Diaries (Elliot)

Picture Book of... (Adler)

Pirate School (James)

Polk Street School (Giff)

Rainbow Magic Fairies (Meadows)

Ready Freddy (Klein)

The Real Slam Dunk/The Real

Ricky Riccota’s Mighty Robot (Pilkey)

Sassy (Draper)

Secrets of Black Lagoon (Thaler)

Sophie (McDonald)

Sports Illustrated Kids: Victory School Superstars

Sprout Street Neighbors (Alter)

Stablemates (Earhart)

Stink (McDonald)

Zapato Power (Jules)

Level N

A-Z Mysteries (Roy)

Amber Brown (Danziger)

Amy Hodgepodge (Wayans)

Anna Hibiscus (Atinuke)

Backyard Sports (Teitelbaum)

Ballet Slippers (Streatfeild)

Ballpark Mysteries (Kelly)

Boxcar Children graphic novels (Various) [GN]

Brave New Ruby (Barnes)

Capital Mysteries (Roy)

Catwings (LeGuin)

Daisy Dawson (Voake)

Daisy Dreamer (Anna)

Dinosaur Cove (Stone)

Dyamonde Daniel (Grimes)

Field Trip Mysteries (Brezenoff)

Franny K. Stein (Benton)

George Brown Class Clown (Krulik)

Heidi Heckelbeck (Coven)

Jada Jones (Lyons)

Keena Ford (Thomson)

Looniverse (Luber)

Lulu (Hilary McKay)

My Father's Dragon (Gannett)

Nancy Drew and the Club Crew (Keene)

Narwhal & Jelly (Clanton)

Nikki and Deja (English)

Puppy Place (Miles)

Roscoe Rules (Applegate)

Rotten School (Stine)

Ruby Lu (Look)

Super Turbo (Kirby)

Third Grade Detectives (Stanley)

The Zack Files (Greenburg)

Zoey and Sassafras (Citro)

Level O

Andrew Lost (Greenburg)

Babysitters Club (Martin)

Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker (Johannes)

Boxcar Children (Warner)

Calvin Coconut (Salisbury)

Clementine (Pennypacker)

Dragon Masters (West) 

EllRay Jakes (Warner)

Galaxy Zack (O'Ryan) Geronimo Stilton most (Stilton)

Golden Hamster Saga (Reiche)

Henry Huggins (Cleary)

Hilde Cracks the Case (Lysiak)
Hilo (Winick)

Jake Drake (Clements)

Jasmine Toguchi (Florence)

Julian (Cameron)

Key Hunters (Luper)
Last Firehawk (Charman)

Mallory McDonald (Friedman)

Meg Mackintosh (Landon)

Mouse and the Motorcycle (Cleary)

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (MacDonald)

Nancy Clancy (O’Connor)

Notebook of Doom (Cummings)

Pippi Longstocking (Lindgren)

Ramona (Cleary)

Secrets of Droon (Abbott)

Weird School (Gutman)

Level P

Ada Lace (Calendrelli)

Alvin Ho (Look)

Anna Banana (Rissi)

Anna Hibiscus (Atinuke)

Bad Kitty (Bruel)

Bobby vs. Girls (Yee)

Captain Underpants (Pilkey)

Carver Chronicles (English)

Clubhouse Mysteries (Draper)

David Mortimer Baxter (Tayluer)

Dog Man (Pilkey)

Dragon Slayer's Academy most (McMulen)

Encyclopedia Brown (Sobol)

Jake Maddox sports series (Maddox) [wide range P - T]

Kingdom of Wrenly (Quinn)

Kitty Corner (Miles)

Magic School Bus (Cole)

Miami Jackson (McKissack)

Questioneers (Beaty)

Remy Sneakers (Sherry)

Squish (Holm and Holm) [GN]

Time Warp Trio (Scieszka)

Wayside School (Sachar)

Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs (Draper)

Level Q

All about...(Arnosky)

Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (Mazer)

American Girl (various)

Amulet most (Kibuishi)[GN]

Anastasia (Lowry)

Animal Ark (Baglio)

Babymouse (Holm and Holm)[GN]

Bunnicula most (Howe)

Chato (Soto)

Dragonquest (Koller)

Fudge (Blume)

Ghosthunters (Funke)

Humphrey most (Birney)

If You Live/Traveled... (varous)

Island trilogy (Korman)

Little House (Wilder)

Main Street (Martin)

Matt Christopher sports books (Christopher) [wide range M - R]

Museum Mysteries (Brezenoff)

Peter Powers (Clark)

Pie (Weeks)

Spiderwick Chronicles (DiTerlizzi)

Who Was... (various)

Level R

Big Nate (Pierce)

Chet Gecko, Private Eye (Hale)

Disaster Strikes (Kennedy)

Explorer (Kibuishi) [GN]

Frindle and most other Andrew Clements books (Clements)

Ghosts (Telgemeier) [GN]

Hank Zipzer (Winkler)

Hatchet (Paulsen)

Horse books (Marguerite Henry)

Jedi Academy (Brown) [GN]

Kidnapped (Korman)

Lulu (Viorst)

Magic Repair Shop (Marrone)

On the Run (Korman)

Race the Wild (Earhart)

Shiloh Trilogy (Naylor)

Sisters (Telgemeier)[GN]

Tia Lola (Alverez)

Level S

11 Birthdays (Mass)

A Day in the Life of... (Branse)

I Survived... (Tarshis)

Beast Quest (Blade)

Benjamin Pratt & the Keepers of the School (Clements)

Boy/Girl Battle (Naylor)

Choose Your Own Adventure (Montgomery)

Citizen Kid (McLaughlin)

Deltora Quest (Rhodda)

Dog Diaries (Klimo)

Emily Windsnap (Kessler)

Far Out Fairy Tales most [GN]

Goosebumps most (Stine)

Keepers of the School (Clements)

Lemonade War (Davies)

Lunch Lady (Krosoczka) [GN]

My Teacher (Coville)
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories (Keene)

Poppy (Avi)

Ranger in Time (Messner)

Secrets of Dripping Fang (Greenburge)

Swindle (Korman)

The Borrowers (Norton)

The Doll People (Martin)

The Last Kids on Earth (Brallier) 

Whatever After (Mlynoski)

Level T

Baseball Card Adventures (Gutman)

Baby Sitters Club most (Telgemeier)[GN]

Books of Elsewhere (West)

CatStronauts (Brockington)

Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis)

Cupcake Diaries (Simon)

Dear America

[wide range T - Y]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Kinney)

Goddess Girls (Holub)

Harriet the Spy (Fitzhugh)

Horse Diaries (Hapka)

How to Train Your Dragon (Cowell)

I Funny (Patterson)

Joey Pigza (Gantos)

Library of Doom (Dahl)

Molly Moon (Byng)

Percy Jackson (Riordan)

Pet Trouble (Sutherland)

Sammy Keyes (van Draanen)

Smile (Telgemeier)[GN]

Twintuition (Mowry)

Level U

39 Clues (Various)

43 Old Cemetery Road (Klise)

Amelia Rules! (Gownley) [GN]

Bud Not Buddy/The Mighty Miss Malone (Curtis)

Charlie Bone (Nimmo)

Drama (Telgemeier)[GN]

Eggs (Spinelli)

Julie of the Wolves (George)

Poison Apple (Cabot)

Regarding the... (Klise)

Sisters Grimm (Buckley)

Storm Runners (Smith)

Warriors (Hunter)

Level V

Dork Diaries (Russell)

Harry Potter 1-3 (Rowling)

NERDS (Buckley)

Princess Academy (Hale)

Rookie Bookie (Wertheim)

Series of Unfortunate Events (Snicket)

School of Fear (Daneshvari)

Spirit Animals (Various)

Underland Chronicles (Collins)

Unicorn Chronicles (Coville)

Wonder (Palacio)

Woof (Quinn)

Level W


Bone (Smith)

City of Ember (DuPrau)

Ghoulfriends (Daneshvari)

Fablehaven (Mull)

Harry Potter 4-6 (Rowling)

Inkheart (Funke)

The Kane Chronicles (Riordan)

Leven Thumps (Skye)

Serafina (Beatty)

Level  X

Cirque du Freak (Shan)

Dear Dumb Diary most (Benton)

Heroes of Olympus (Riordan)

Last Dragon Chronicles (d’Lacey)

Maximum Ride (Patterson)

Peter and the Starcatchers (Barry and Peason)

Tombquest (Northrop)

Wings of Fire (Sutherland)


Level Y

Artemis Fowl (Cowl)

Artemis Fowl graphic novels (Cowl) [GN]

Level Z

Alex Rider (Horowitz)

Alice (Naylor)

Among the Hidden (Haddix)

His Dark Materials (Pullman)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Rowling)

Hunger Games (Collins)

Michael Vey (Evans)

Princess Diaries (Cabot)

Red Wall (Jacques)