Sunset Ridge pledge in the news

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Sunset Ridge students and staff were featured on the 6 p.m. newscast of WISC-Ch. 3 on Wednesday for their efforts to make the school a bully-free community.

A Ch. 3 cameraman visited the school on Wednesday morning and filmed footage of students in Cheryl Callin's second-grade class and Ari Davidson's fourth-grade class. The vast majority of students and staff wore orange shirts along with a free Be a Buddy Not a Bully bracelets they received courtesy of Dean and Ch. 3.

A parent brought the program to the attenion of school counselor Sara Reeves-Metz a few weeks ago. She had already been involed in organizing an anti-bully day and used Pacer's National Bully Prevention Center as a resource. They helped organize a Unity Day across the country on Wednesday.

"Once I saw that the bracelets were orange, I paired the two together and we got them in time to wear,'' she said. "I was thrilled to see the blazing orange! Lots of people remembered and made an effort to wear some or even a lot of orange. It was wonderful. I hope that the students received the message loud and clear, people here don't want bully behavior!''

Reeves-Metz also said she hopes this is just the beginning of eradicating bullying behavior.

"I believe in setting high standards and although difficult I just cannot bring myself to say that it is ever OK to be cruel to another person,'' she said. "Bullying needs to be unacceptable and taken seriously. I hope to continue this tradition for years to come, remembering that we cannot become lax or only draw attention to this topic once a year. I hope that the students will continue to wear their bracelets, remembering year-round to show kindness to all.''

To see more photos from Ch. 3's trip to Sunset Ridge, please visit the District's Facebook page. You can view the Ch. 3 segment by visiting the station's website. Finally, check out The Buddy Project webpage to learn more about the program.