Reading At Home Is Key To Your Child's Growth

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Reading at home is key to your child's growth as a reader! We have 3 programs in place this year to help encourage a love of reading and facilitate reading at home! 
1) Read On is Back! (K-4th) -- Read On is back and in full swing this October thanks to your generous donations via the silent auction last March! Each month your child has an opportunity to earn a free book by meeting his/her monthly reading goal. Please see the letter that was sent home for more information!
2) Family Dinner Book Club (K-2nd) - Imagine…having a family meal together, talking about a great book you have read, and most of all spending time with each other.  That is what Family Dinner Book Club is all about and we are excited to be inviting families to participate in this program this year! Each month a book is chosen for your family to read. Along with the book, a themed menu to compliment the book, an easy table craft, conversation starters, and family service project as included. As a family, you can do as little as read and talk about the book together, or do all of the offered activities! We will be especially focusing on K-2 with this program (a couple copies of the book will be rotated through each class throughout the month for families to enjoy) but anyone can participate by checking out the book from the library and finding more information at the Family Dinner Book Club Facebook Page and website as well! We also will have a bulletin board at school where we will display families taking part in FDBC. 
3) Free Little Library (3rd-4th)-- You may have heard of or seen Free Little Libraries popping up in the community -- we're starting the same concept here at Sunset Ridge for 3rd and 4th graders! Each grade will have their own Free Little Library to share and borrow books from. The libraries will open later this week after each class has been introduced to it. Your child is invited to share a book of his/her own (Read On books that have been read and enjoyed work great!), take a book they'd like to read, and exchange as they wish! :) 
If you have questions or concerns about any of these programs, please reach out to Jessica Block at