New Student Drop off/Pickup Procedures

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With the addition of classrooms, which was greatly needed and appreciated, we have restructured Parking and Handicap Parking stalls. In the process, we lost Student Drop Off and Pick Up space in front of our school. In order to address this situation, we are implementing the following procedures.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up and Parking procedures at Sunset Ridge:

  • The Drop Off/Pick Up area is entirely for parents who are dropping their child off and not leaving their vehicle. If you are planning to get out of your vehicle to wait for your child or going into the school, always park your vehicle and escort your child across the Parking Lot.
  • Always pull your vehicle as far forward as possible and close the gaps as other vehicles leave. This will allow other vehicles to access the Drop Off/Pick Up area.
  • Please do not park your vehicle in front of the established Parking and Handicap Parking stalls that are now in front of the new classroom addition.
  • As you drive around the outside of the Parking Lot, it may be necessary to wait before getting to the front of the school until there is room in Drop Off/Pick Up area for your vehicle.
  • Again, to make traffic flow as safely and efficiently as possible, it is very important that parents do not leave their vehicle unattended in the Drop Off/Pick Up area. Likewise, parents should always pull forward and close the gaps as other vehicles leave.

Thank you for your help and support in making Student Drop Off/Pick Up safe and efficient for all!