MCPASD students excel at workshop

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Twenty-four Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District students in grades 5-8 were honored at the Yahara River Writers Top 10 Workshop at Union South on the UW-Madison campus on May 15.

The students created award-winning poems, editorials, cartoons or short stories, Advanced Learning specialist Ruth Frawley said. The students heard a keynote speech by an award-winning writer, had a chance to meet all the other students who were published in their category at their grade level and were able to have lunch at Union South before heading back to school. 

"A huge thank you to the teachers and parents who encourage students to write and to submit to this regional writing contest,'' Frawley said.

The following district students were honored:

Cartoon winners

Maylynn Hu: Elm Lawn, fifth grade

Noah Ehrhardt: West Middleton, fifth grade

Jack Eggert: Kromrey, sixth grade

Lauren Hurd: Glacier Creek, seventh grade

Emma Neumann: Glacier Creek, seventh grade

Payton Hodson: Glacier Creek, seventh grade

Nick Esbeck: Glacier Creek, seventh grade

Morgan Pincombe: Krormey: eighth grade

Elise Warda: Kromrey, eighth grade

Allison Libert: Kromrey, eighth grade

Short Story winners

Jack Ohly: Elm Lawn, fifth grade

Olivia Larson: Kromrey, sixth grade

Lauren Dahler: Kromrey, sixth grade

Mia Kim: Kromrey, sixth grade

Julia Zeimentz: Glacier Creek, seventh grade

Poetry winners

Buddy Lynch: West Middleton, fifth grade

Tyler Huff: Sunset Ridge, fifth grade

Editorial winners

Amirali Jafari: Sunset Ridge, fifth grade

Zachary Leffel: Elm Lawn, fifth grade

Alex Bogner: Glacier Creek, sixth grade

Jason Yang: Glacier Creek, sixth grade

Sawm Djamali: Glacier Creek, sixth grade

Rachel Steiner: Glacier Creek, eighth grade

Rachel Everson: Glacier Creek, eighth grade

Morgan Miles: Kromrey, eighth grade