District students shine at DI state competition

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Two teams made up of District students finished in the top three of the Wisconsin State Destination Imagination Tournament at UW-Stevens Point on April 16.

An eighth-grade eighth-grade of Kromrey students took second place. The team, called “Those People,” includes Moniek Smink, Elena Sacchetti, Syd Smith, Maddie Connell and Julia Compton. They are coached by UW-Madison students Alina Dillahunt and Emily Terlap. They competed in the "Get a Clue" challenge, with their skit depicting a mystery onboard the SS Titanic.

The MHS Safety Third team finished  third in the senior division of the Engineering Challenge. Safety Third is comprised of MHS students Nick Chiaverini, Nareg Megan, and Sam Roquitte, and Glacier Creek students Michael Chiaverini, Will Christensen, and Max Roquitte.

Both teams also qualified for the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tenn., in late May.

This year’s Engineering Challenge required teams to design and build a lightweight structure with two restrictions: it must support many times its own weight, and it must be playable as a musical instrument. The Challenge further required teams to play the instrument and test its weight-bearing capacity during a live, 8-minute performance.

Safety Third developed and presented an original science fiction story set in an alternate future where the Axis powers won WWII. Two freedom fighters from the year 2251 must work together to rescue the founders of their Resistance from a time traveling assassin. While one freedom fighter travels back in time to 1937 to stop the assassin, the other stays behind to destroy a powerful weapon before it can fall into enemy hands.

Safety Third enhanced their performance with rear-projection special effects, live guitar and violin music, and an operatic voice solo. The competition also required teams to complete an Instant Challenge, an impromptu problem solving task worth 25 percent of the overall score.

Meanwhile, seven teams made up of District students finished first or second at the Destination Imagination Blackhawk Regional on Saturday, Feb. 27 at Waunakee High School and qualified for the state tournament.

The top two teams in each elementary, middle or secondary level advanced to the state tournament at UW-Stevens Point on April 16.

The Safety Third team took first place in the secondary Musical Mashup competition. Team members included MHS sophomores Nick Chiaverini, Nareg Megan and Sam Roquitte and Glacier Creek seventh-graders Michael Chiaverini, Max Roquitte and Will Christensen. The team is managed by Marty Chiaverini.

The team developed a lightweight device to support as much weight as possible but also was playable as a musical instrument. They also developed a science fiction story about a dystopian future where people fight against oppressive rulers using music and both played and tested the structure during the performance. The performance also included a guitar solo, violin solo and operatice voice solo.

The DI ACES, comprised of students from Glacier Creek, took first place in the Scientific Challenge In Plain Sight middle competition, which was one of six open-ended challenges that required students to apply science, technology engineereing and mathematics (STEM). Team membes include seventh-graders Arber Jonuzi, Calvin Slinde, Edwin Zhang, Poojha Prabaharasundar, Sohail Shaik and Lauren Poehling and eighth-grader Shruti Parthasarathy. The team is managed by Derren Slinde.

Students were required to design and construct an organism that uses camouflage in nature as well as an object that uses camouflage methods. Teams were then required to create and present a story with a plot twist that is caused by the organism's use of camouflage. 

Sunset Ridge fourth-graders Corbin Slinde, Jack Dalton, Eric Ma, Marishka Castellino, Gabi Tabone and Gia Shah made up the Charlie Committed the Crime team and took first place in the Scientific Challenge In Plain Sight elementary competition. The team is managed by Derren Slinde.

The Out of Sight team from Elm Lawn took second place in the same competition. Team members include fourth-graders Magnus Schoville, Netra Somasundaram, Morley Schroeder and Claire Von Bergen, along with third-grader Madeleine Smith. The team is managed by Nick Von Bergen.

District teams also took the top two spots in the Fine Arts Challenge Get a Clue elementary competition. The challenge required teams to present a mystery story set on earth in a team-chosen time period before 1990, discover live on stage which of the three suspect characters is responsible for the mystery, and include a TechniClue that helps solve the mystery.

The Mysterious Moustaches from Kromrey took first place. Fifth-graders on the team include Mikael Hauser, William Boettinger, Anie Nickel, Ella Donner, Gretchen Gustafson and Sydney Compton. The team's story took place in ancient Egypt and involved a Sphinx that had its nose broken off and the suspects incluce the non-appreciative queen, a self-absorbed princess, and a disgruntled guard.

The DI Detectives from Park took second place. Fourth-graders on the team include Laina Gustafson, Zack Stoecker, Lydia Schulz, Jaya Booth, Reganne Hartman, Noah Dorn and Kyle Pape. The team is managed by Marty Gustafson. The team’s story took place in 1983 at the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa has been stolen.

A Kromrey team of eighth-graders took first place in the Get a Clue middle competition. Team members include Moniek Smink, Syd Smith, Elena Sacchetti, Maddie Connell and Julia Compton. The team is managed by Alina Dillahunt and Emily Terlap.

The team's time period was 1912 and they performed a skit aboard the Titanic. The captain's prosthetic hydraulic arm was stolen, so the boat was off course. The two detectives hurry to find the culprit. The stolen arm later drops the final revealing clue but it is too late, the boat flips up, the iceberg comes out, and it is too late.

The Sky Walkers, made up of Park third-graders Duke Allen, Keagan Esser, Lukas Gural, Ethan Glimme, Koeplin Look and Christian Hoyer, finished fifth in the Technical Challenge Pace of Change elementary competition. The team is managed by Erin Allen. The students design and build a vehicle able to carry a team member that switched between two different movement methods and two different propulsion systems and then integrate the vehicle into a story about change.

Destination Imagination is a non-profit organization that helps more than 200,000 students each year from around the world discover their creativity and develop lifelong critical thinking and collaborative problem solving skills. The United States and 30 countries, including China, Korea, Singapore, Japan and India, are using the program to support existing curriculum by teaching participants skills that give them a competitive edge in the future workforce and in life.

Through its challenge-based learning program, students from the kindergarten to university level develop time management, collaboration, conflict resolution, as well as creative and critical thinking skills. Student teams solve open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments. Participants in turn build lifelong confidence in working together to solve any challenge.

Visit the Destination Imagination website or Wisconsin DI website for more information.