District math teams fare well at regional meet

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It was a great couple of days for some math students in the school district.

Teams of fifth- and sixth-graders took the top two spots at the 5-6 regional math meet on Wednesday at the District Administrative Center, while a team of seventh- and eighth-graders took first place at the 7-8 meet on Thursday.

The meet included students from the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, along with those from Sun Prairie and Verona Area. Students won local math meets earlier this year to advance to the regional meet.

The first- and second-place teams at each meet will now move on to the Mega Math Meet, which will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May.

The top five places at each meet were also recognized. MCPASD students took four of the top five spots in the 5-6 meet: William Zhang (first), Ben Scher (second), Jason Yang (third) and Michelle Chi (fifth). MCPASD had two students finish in the top five in the 7-8 meet: Grace Chen (second) and Jahnavi Gali (fourth).

Members of the first-place team in the 5-6 meet were William Zhang, Maylynn Hu, Julia Zhou, Tommy Kriewaldt, Erik Stewart, Laura Stewart, Michelle Chi and Ben Scher.  Members of the second-place team were Anna Paulsen, Rithika Nurani, Zachary Leffel, Anaka Srinivas, Megan Andrews, Connor Hellenbrand, Jason Yang and Leah Huggett.

Another MCPASD 5-6 team finished fourth and included Alex Hovind, Apurupa Ballamudi, Sean Isari, Cheryl Lim, Max Newcomer, Nate Burkard, Stephanie Huang, Alton Yan.

Members of the first-place team in the 7-8 meet were Owen Lamson, Athena Olszewski, Calvin Guse, Blake Gallay, Jahnavi Gali, Erick Grelle, Eric Neidhart and Allen Chang. Another MCPASD team took third and included Alex Warholic, Grace Chen, Noah Pollard, Jacob Helmuth, Evan Joyce, Isaac Galang, Michael Xie and Brendon Martin.

Other MCPASD 7-8 students to participate on Thursday were Ethan Wildes, Olivia Shoemaker, Nitin Somasundaram, Alex Schmidt, Kirby Heck, Jacob Rozum, Lew Blank and Jackson Grimm.

"Thanks to all of the MCPASD teachers for their help during the last two meets,'' said Amy Weber, an advanced learning specialist in the district and a teacher at Northside who helped coordinate the event. "Kudos to all teachers for all that you do.''

To see photos from the two meets, please visit the district's Facebook page.