Flexible Spending Accounts

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Employee Benefits Corporation
1350 Deming Way, Suite 200
Middleton, WI 53562-3536
(608) 831-8445

How Can This Plan Save You Money?
How is this tax-free? 

Summary Plan Description

Eligibility and Maximum Elections
Employees hired to work at least 30 hours per week 

Medical Maximum is $2,650.00 

Dependent Care Maximum is $5,000

Enrollment Process

Electronic (Internet) Enrollment– Occurs annually and is announced via Staff Newsletter communication.  Note: Staff considering retiring at the end of the respective contract year should contact the Benefits Specialist for a different enrollment process.

Upon hire for remainder of calendar year - ENROLLMENT FORM

  1. Annually effective January 1 - December 31 or

  2. Mid-year for a permitted election change - contact the Benefits Specialist.

Note:  Subsequent BESTflex medical and dependent plan participation occurs only when an employee completes the proper enrollment process

Insurance Premium Payroll Deductions

Employees paying health and/or dental insurance premiums through the district will have these premiums automatically deducted pre-tax via payroll.

Estimate Your Out-of-Pocket Medical Expense
Eligible Expenses Flyer

Claims Reimbursement Methods/Forms
Benny Card
Online Claim Reimbursement – (for medical and/or dependent expenses)
Paper Claim Form
Specialty Food Expense Reimbursement
Dependent Care Expense Receipt
Orthodontic Expense Receipt

Account Management Tools
My Account Assistant