Sauk Trail's math night multiples fun

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More than 200 students and family members, plus more than a dozen school staff, divided by pizza for all, equaled another fun-filled Math Night at Sauk Trail on Tuesday, April 22.

Math games for the entire family allowed students to demonstrate and practice their skills before parents and siblings who also participated, all adding to the fun.

To see more photos from Math Night, please visit the District's Facebok page.

Groups of players rotated among multiple game tables with skills targeted to every grade level. All had an opportunity to learn and play several sets of games. Chromebook laptops were connected to the Internet so parents and students could take new tangents to explore math websites to further share and enhance their skills.

A raffle featuring family-friendly board games plus take-home bags of games and math cards were other highlights.

Math Night has become a tradition programmed and conducted by the Sauk Trail Math Action Team.

“It was a wonderful setting to demonstrate how math skills can be factored in among an entire family event in very entertaining ways,” Sauk Trail teacher Jacki Greene said. “Lots of positive feedback was counted and fun was the common denominator, increasing exponentially all night long!” 

The only element missing was Pi for dessert.

-- By Tom Kobinsky