Sauk Trail raises plenty for MPS Society

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Sauk Trail students walked for a great cause and raised quite a bit of money as well on Friday, May 16.

More than 40 fourth- and fifth-graders participated in a Walk-A-Thon in the school's gymnasium to support the MPS Society. In all more than $5,000 has already been raised, fifth-grade teacher Carol Pincombe said.

Sauk Trail decided to hold the event to raise awareness and show support for fifth-grader Austin Noll, who suffers from the disease. Please visit the MPS Society website to learn more.

Austin's extended family flew in to be a part of the big event and also bought pizza to celebrate the event, Pincombe said.

"We received lots of letters from aunts, uncles, and other relatives of his as well,'' she said. "What an incredible day and an incredible event. I'm so proud my fifth-graders and the way they supported the Walk-A-Thon and their classmate.''

Besides Pincombe's class, Wendy Coyne brought her fourth-grade class down to walk, while several other classes came down to walk for short periods and cheered the walkers on. Coyne had Austin in class a year ago. 

Students were asked to count their laps and also used pedometers from MHS. The longest walker did about 8 miles, Pincombe said. For each half-mile walked, they earned a shoelace token that could be worn on their tennis shoes to show the distance they went to support Austin and the MPS Society.  

Each walker also earned a certificate for ice cream donated from Culver's or Menchies. The child who had the most donations also received a certificate donated by Shoe Box toward a new pair of shoes.

"The students and parents embraced our project,'' Pincombe said.

Parents and students created special T-shirts for the event, while many students canvassed their neighborhoods for donations. Many of the students even wrote persuasive letters to attach to their pledge sheets.

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