New menu system to launch in May

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The District will launch a new, interactive menu system starting May 1 that should provide a number of benefits to families, School Nutrition coordinator Susan Peterman said Friday.

All of the information the District used to provide on the PDF menus is now located on the Nutrislice website. CHO counts for support of our diabetic students will now be tied to the nutrient database and any changes to the products offered will be updated immediately, Peterman said.

The site also offers the District the opportunity to tailor special menus by school providing families with additional and up-to-date information.

"We are so excited to be able to make this available to our families,'' Peterman said. "it will increase our accuracy with all aspects of nutritional diets and give parents more information concerning our healthy school meals.''

Using the Nutrislice website is easy:

  • Click on the month you want to view.
  • Choose a school and then a meal choice.
  • Menus may be printed by using the print button.  

The CHO Count button will give you the CHO counts by week. Navigate by using the weekly buttons at the top of the page. The green print button will give you a hard copy count of that week. Navigate to the next week and so on.  

Allergy diets are available under the tab on the right.  You must agree to the terms before beginning. When you check the diet, all products containing that allergen are lined out. Please note GF diets are not included here but wheat allergens are identified, Peterman said.   

You may also sign up to receive an email when the new month menu link is available. There is a free app for your phone or other device, she said.  

If you have questions about navigating the new menus, please call Mary Spurgat at 829-2343 or Amy Gundeck at 829-2344. If you have diet or product questions, please call Jungbluth or Suan Peterman at 829-2346.