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The District has developed a Learning from Home page on its District website as MCPASD transitions to online instruction due to COVID-19.

The District announced on March 17 that it was closing schools starting on Monday, March 20 due to COVID-19. Governor Evers' Safer-at-Home order on March 22 keeps all schools closed through at least Friday, April 24.

MCPASD decided it would start online learning for students starting on Wednesday, April 1. Staff were able to participate in online training March 20-24 and when they returned from spring break on March 30.

Students throughout the District are using Learning Management Systems (LMS) to connect with teachers and staff. Teachers have been working with students and families to become familiar with the new way of learning. Time spent online varies with age level. 

The District has developed an Elementary Learning Resources and Secondary Learning Resources websites to give students additional resources and help with technology.

MCPASD is using three different platforms, based on students' grades, for online instruction. Seesaw, which offers play-based programs and interactive games that families can do at home, is being used in kindergarten through second grade. Google Classrooms is being used by students in grades 3-4. BUZZ, which the District currently uses for its online school and for some classes already offered online, is being used by middle and high schools students.

Here is additional information about each platform:

View a video on Logging into Seesaw


View tips for famiilies learning at home


Google Classrooms
Classroom can be accessed two ways: 1) By teacher invite, and 2) by going to classroom.google.com and clicking on the "+". That will give the option to join the class. The teacher will have to provide the class code for the individual to join. 

View an overview of Google Classroom

Students use a Learning Management System (LMS) called BUZZ,  which provides students with one location for communication with their teachers for all of their courses.  BUZZ allows different school staff to support them with online learning, such as advisory or ELT teachers, counselors, and principal.

If not completed, students should look for a Google survey through Infinite Campus Messenger.  The survey will be from their middle school ELT teacher or  high school Advisor, and It will ask about access to BUZZ and comfort with online learning.

Middle School students are should limit their screentime to 20 minutes per class.

What to do if you need help

• Please contact your teachers by email or Google chat when you have questions or need help.They will respond as soon as possible, likely within 24 hours.

• Middle and high school students can find troubleshooting guides on the Secondary Resource page.

• Zoom sessions to help students with Buzz are taking place Thursday, April 2 and Friday, April 3. More courses are also available on April 6-9. Learn more and sign up here.

What if I am not getting emails?

Please check that the email in Campus Portal is the correct email. Your emails should also be located in in Campus Portal.  Also check to see If the emails are going to a spam or junk folder. 

What if I need help getting in Campus Portal?

You can send an email to portal@mcpasd.k12.wi.us