Dahlk offers mid-year AGR report

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Sauk Trail principal Chris Dalk provided a mid-year review as part of the requirement for the achievement gap reduction (AGR) grant the school receives at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 26.

The funds can be used in multiple ways, with Sauk Trail mainly using the funds to reduce classroom sizes. She shared data about how students are doing in math and literacy, but noted the results didn't include the kindergarten two-way immersion students although it will in the future after benchmarks are established.

She will provide another update to the Board, as required by the grant, in May or June.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* Director of Business Services Lori Ames briefly reviewed the initial 2018-19 budget development assumption and provided a short update on the activities taking place.

She reminded the Board the District is very early in the process and trying to determine the best way to utilize resources. Lots of data is being gathered, while discussions are also taking place about staffing at each school for 2018-19. She also noted that health insurance is out for bid right now.

Superintendent George Mavroulis commended Ames for her efforts and believes this is the most thorough process the District has ever used. He said a goal is to make sure the District is investing in programs that are making a difference.

* The Board unanimously approved two resolutions for attachment/detachment contingent upon the Madison Metropolitan School District school board also approving.

Ames said she contacted Wisconsin Association of School Boards attorney Bob Butler, who confirmed a school board can hold a contingent vote.

Ames confirmed MMSD also approved two resolutions later that evening.

She noted Oakbrook Corporation first approached both districts a couple of years ago about putting in an apartment complex near The Princeton Club. There were concerns that some units would be in MCPASD, while others would be in MMSD. The districts were unable to find an acceptable resolution.

Ames, Director of Facilities Services Bill Eberhardt and MMSD's Matt Bell have been working to try and find a solution. The apartments are scheduled to open this fall and the complex is expected to be worth $10.5 million. MMSD is now offering a parcel of land currently occupied by Homewood Suites that has a current assessed value of $10,362,000.    

Ames also noted that neither one of the requests creates an island of non-contiguous property.