Park School to Participate in the Wisconsin Big Cats Donation Drive – April 22-26

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Wisconsin Big Cats Donation Drive – April 22-26


Earth Week 2013, April 22-26, is a week devoted to activities that promote ways to protect and save our planet. In honor of Earth Day (April 22) and Earth Week 2013, the Park School Student Council is sponsoring a donation drive to help support the Wisconsin Big Cats Rescue and Education Center, located near Baraboo.

The Center, founded in 2005, provides a safe and comfortable home for big cats. They currently have 26 big cats at their facility--16 tigers, 7 lions and 3 leopards. It takes just over $10 a day to feed one of their cats. This translates into $70 for a week, $310 for a month and $3650 for a year. Donations will help to keep these beautiful cats fed in a happy home.

Park School Student Council members are asking students and families to donate loose change or money to help feed one of their cats. Donation cans will be provided for each classroom to collect donations throughout the week. The donation drive will begin on Monday, April 22 and last until Friday, April 26.

Student council members will be available to come in to classrooms to provide more information and describe the donation drive. If you would like more information and/or to have information/pictures available for students, below is a link to the Wisconsin Big Cats Rescue and Education Center: