Employees honored at recognition breakfast

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More than 60 staff members were honored at the annual Employee Recognition Breakfast on Tuesday, May 24 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Superintendent Don Johnson and Board of Education president Bob Green spoke at the event. Staff members being recognized were introduced by their building principal or supervisor.

"I look around here and see all of these great people,'' Green said. "You make this District great."

There were plenty of laughs and even a few tears. Nearly 40 staff members were recognized for their years of service, while another 25 who have or will retire at the end of the school year were also recognized.

"We are blessed to have a great staff,'' said Superintendent Don Johnson, who plans to retire at the end of June. "We celebrate a culture of excellence and a culture of caring. The people in this room are a big reason for that.''

Johnson ended the hour-long event by toasting all of the honorees.

"My view is the people in this rom view a glass as not half-full or half-empty but always full,'' he said. "I want to toast the full group for the amazing attitude you bring every day.''

Besides Green, other Board members in attendance were Anne Bauer, Sean Hyland and Kurt Karbusicky.

"This is always one of my favorite events,'' said Johnson, who noted more than 1,500 years of service to the District was represented at the breakfast. "This reminds us that working for the District is all about relationships. Thank you for all that you do everyday, even when there is no recognition.''

To see more photos from Thursday's recognition breakfast, please visit the District's Facebook page.

Retirees Building 25 Years Building
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