Elm Lawn, Park report to Board

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Principals Bob Schell (Elm Lawn) and Monica Schommer (Park) presented their respective School Improvement Team reports, which are tied to the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support framework, at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 19.

Schell noted that the information shared by Elm Lawn and Park will be very similar to what every other District school will share with the Board this year. He noted the District is focused on staff, student and family engagement. He also reminded the Board that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has a visual that puts equity, with collaboration, high quality instruction and use of relevant data wrapping around that and that all MCPASD schools use it.

Schell said five of MCPASD's six elementary schools had staff attend a summer institute on equity at UW-Madison and suggested it was a primary way to drive equity.

"It isn't just a thing we are trying to do it is the lens we use for everything,'' Schell said.

Schell also reviewed responsive classrooms, which he stressed build community. He noted Elm Lawn starts each day with 15-minute morning meeting where students and present themselves, helping create relationships. He is also proud of his school's Professional Learning Communities, which have allowed staff to align and work collaboratively.

"This work is consistent across all of our buildings,'' Schell said.

Schommer echoed Schell's remarks and also noted Park offered parents a survey for first time since she started at the school in 2011. She also praised staff developers from Teachers College, who are working K-2 staff and helping nudge everyone forward. The developer will return again in December.

"We are trying to be more intentional in what we are teaching and focusing on what are the big rocks children need to know,'' Schommer said. "We believe all of the kids can do the work.''