Campus Portal Help

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Parents are asked to log in and explore the Campus Portal.  When accessing the Campus Portal, parents will be able to see attendance, records of fees, make online payments, change email addresses and phone numbers, as well as access electronic versions of report cards.  

If you are unable to sign up for the Campus Portal, please call the Portal Hotline at 829-9600 weekdays.

If you are unable to call during the day, please send an email to  

You will receive your user name and a temporary password.  You will then need to set a strong password that needs to be 8 characters, including a capital letter, number and symbol.  

After setting your password, please navigate to User Preferences, located on the left  menu.  You will need to set a recovery email, and choose eight likes and eight dislikes.  (You will not be able to progress any further until you choose all of your likes/dislikes.)  The likes and dislikes are used to as a security measure if you forget your user name or password.

For more information on how to get into the portal, please download the following PDF: