Attendance/Walk Zone Locator

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Accessing your child's transportation schedule

Please log into your Campus Portal account.  Schedules will be uploaded by Jan. 25.

LInk to Campus Portal


To view attendance boundaries

 Please follow these steps:

1. Visit the Info Finder website.
2. Enter your home address into the street field.
3. Enter your zip code into the appropriate field.
4. You can narrow the search by using the school or grade fields.

A map should come up indicating where the bus will pick up and drop off your child or children. To the left of the map are five tabs, including My Bus Stops. That tab will indicate what time your child will be picked up in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon depending on the school they attend.

Here are some helpful tips when entering your address:

  • In general, use the following abbreviations: Hwy for Highway; Ter for Terrace; Blvd for Boulevard; St for Street; Ct for Court; and Ln for Lane.

    For the following that are common in the surrounding communities:

  • Park Street: Use Park St 53562 or Park St 53528

  • Sunset Court: Use Sunset Ct MI or Sunset Ct CP

  • Church Street: Use Church St 53528

  • Continental Lane: Use Continental Ln 53528

Please call the Transportation Center at (608) 829-2365 with any questions.

In an effort to make our bus routes more efficient, some bus stops were consolidated. Board Policy 751 sets the guidelines for walking distances to bus stops. Kindergarten students may walk up to 0.2 miles. Students in 1st through 4th grades may walk up to 0.3 miles. Students in 5th through 12 grades may walk up to 0.5 miles.

Many of the routes have also been redesigned for safety purposes. In most cases, routes have been set up to eliminate left turns onto major roads and highways unless there is some type of traffic signal to allow the bus to safely turn.

Routes are routed in a "first-on, first-off" concept where practical. In some areas of the district it is not practical to use this method and your child(ren) may be first on in the morning and last off in the afternoon.

In an effort to keep the mileage balanced on our fleet, some bus numbers change from year to year. Correct bus numbers are displayed in the Bus Stop Locator.

Disclaimer: While we strive to make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our information, this information alone should not be relied upon for decisions such as purchasing or leasing a residence. All information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed to be without error.  The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District assumes no responsibility whatsoever for direct, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or other damages. You can verify a property is within the school district by checking the address at this website or by contacting the local municipality where the property is located.