2021 Transportation Information

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The transportation staff members are excited to begin transporting students to schools. 

We sent out surveys at the end December asking if your student(s) will be utilizing transportation.  The information obtained from the survey assist our department in determining the number of students on each bus.  The route information is located in the Infinite Campus Portal under a tab selection marked Transportation.  The route information is tentative at this time and is subject to change prior to January 28 2021.

Please note the following changes as it relates to Transportation:

  1. Students are allowed one stop location. We will not be able to accommodate rotating locations or schedules due to Covid Procedure(ref link here)

    Example: Student has an assigned stop location in the morning from Home and assigned in the afternoon, to a daycare provider.

  2. Only authorized assigned students/stop location will ride the bus

    Example 1:  A student has a friend sleepover for the night.  The unassigned student is not allowed to ride home or to school with the student (friend).  It would be the responsibility of the guardian to provide the transportations to school.

    Example 2- The student is not eligible for transportation because they reside in the walk zone to the school.  The student decides to walk to a bus stop location.  The student would not be allowed on the bus for transportation

  3. All assigned students (eligible) to a route, are assigned to a single stop location.  The stop location is used to assign their seat on the bus. Our goal is to limit students crossing other student(walking past)
  4. All passengers are required to have a facemask on at all times.
  5. Backpacks will rest on the lap of students and all clothing items (jacket mitten etc.) will remain on at all times.  Items in lunch bag/backpack will also remain inside.
  6. No Food or drinking will be permitted unless medical necessary, such as a student with diabetes. 
  7. No changing stops to a different location the route.

Requests for Alternate Location

This year we are providing an on-line form for Alternate Location request and Dual Household.  This form is now available on the school district website under Forms.    The form is in a google doc format which will come directly to the Transportation office..  (Families without access to program can we offer from them to come to the school and fill out or set up a computer at the DAC for families to utilize)

We have limited seating for alternate location students and for planning purpose all form are due by 1/20/2021.  Request after this date will be reviewed however, it is not a guarantee the student will be able to ride to the location.  If the transportation tab on January 28 2021 does not reflect the alternate location site, understand transportation will be the responsibility of parent or guardian until the form has been approved.

Any question should be directed to our helpdesk form, which is located on the district website for Families

How to find your Route Information

Please go to the Parent Infinite Campus portal under the Transportation Tab to view the route information.

If there are concerns regarding the information for your student please use our Transportations Helpdesk Form.  The form is located on the district website, under For Families, and the helpdesk tickets are answered in the order received.

If it is regards to adding your student to a route or alternate location, the requests could take a week to process due to our Covid Procedures

Safety Procedures

Wondering what the safety protocols are for the bus?  Check out the Transportation and Covid question and answer page.