Safety & Security

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Crisis Preparedness:  Parent and School Emergencies

The safety and security of our students and staff are top priorities for the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD). 

School administrators work closely with local law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and emergency management personnel to ensure our Emergency/Crisis Response Plan reflects appropriate practices and all schools are prepared for emergencies. Key personnel are trained in National Incident Management System procedures, and MCPASD takes an all-hazards approach to emergency readiness. We are prepared to work in partnership with emergency responders should a critical incident occur in one of our schools.
Our comprehensive emergency plan addresses a multitude of potential incidents, not because we expect them to occur, but because we want to be prepared in case they do. For security reasons, specific details are not made available to the public; however, parents and students have a vital role and it is important that you know what to do in an emergency. Please review the handbook below to make sure you and your child understand the emergency procedures.

Manual de Preparación (en Español)

Crisis Preparedness Handbook

Stay Safe Speak Up!

Stay Safe, Speak Up! is a service for students, parents, and staff to easily and anonymously (if desired), report bullying, discrimination, abuse, health concerns, intimidation or safety concerns, 24/7/365.   Stay Safe. Speak Up! Is an effective way to report any concern, at any time.  

A report can be filed one of three ways:  

School officials are immediately emailed when a report is submitted.  In an urgent situation or an immediate threat to safety, the urgent phone tree is activated, and officials are contacted until someone is reached.


The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District has recently implemented Air Quality and Outdoor Activities for Schools Guidelines.  The guidelines, adapted from Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality and Outdoor Activities, will be used to determine what restrictions, if any, are needed in outdoor activities affected by ground-level ozone pollution and fine particulate matter, including recess, outdoor classroom activities, athletics, and field trips.

Air Quality Index Chart (What the colors mean?)

Air Quality Index Table (Guidelines for Schools)

Air Quality Index (AQI) Brochure


National Crime Prevention Council: What Parents can do to Keep Kids Safe at School

Talking to Your Child about Violence

Care for Caregivers: Tips for Families and Educators

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Tips for How to Help Your Child in the Aftermath of a Shooting

Tips for Helping Students Recover from Traumatic Events


The School Safety Committee is a group of school district and law enforcement personnel which reviews school safety plans.

Previous School Safety Planning Priorities

  • District Emergency/Crisis Response Plan Update


    • Reformat Plan DocumentFamily Reunification Process
    • Planning for emergencies during non-school hours & school events
    • Off-campus emergencies (i.e. during field trips)
  • Threat Assessment Procedure
  • Develop ProcedureTools / Strategies
  • Document Existing Prevention/Mitigation Strategies and Develop (as needed) New Strategies
  • Develop Recovery Portion of District Emergency/Crisis Response Plan
    • Update / Exercise Pupil Services Crisis Response Plan
    • Business Recovery
    • Mutual Aid Agreements
    • Death Notification

    Staff Training

  • SRT’s and other site response teams (i.e. Sweep Teams)
  • DCRT (District Crisis Response Team)
  • Dealing with the media regarding a crisis / Crisis Communications
  • Support staff
    • Secretaries / Para-educators (i.e. workplace violence, de-escalation)
    • Custodians

    Facility Access / Security / Visitors

ProceduresEntryways - Limit Access, Functional Review, VisibilitySecurity Camera systemsAccess Control

Table-top Exercise PlanningPandemic Influenza Planning / PreparednessBusiness Continuity PlanningPedestrian Safety / Safe School Route Program

Staff / Groups Involved in Safety Planning:

  • Safety Committee District Safety Officer
  • Assistant District Safety Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Transportation Supervisor
  • Facilities Services Coordinator
  • Student Services
  • High School Administrator
  • Middle School Administrator
  • Elementary Administrator
  • Teacher(s) -
  • Custodial
  • Parent / Citizen
  • Dane County Mental Health
  • Dane County Emergency Management - Available as Needed                   
  • Law Enforcement:
  • Middleton PD
  • Cross Plains PD
  • Dane County Sheriffs Department

    Emergency Medical Services:

  • Middleton EMS
  • Cross Plains EMS
    Fire Departments:
  • Middleton Fire Department
  • Cross Plains Fire Department
  • Ad-hoc or Sub-committee of District Safe Schools Planning Team
  • Administrative TeamAd-hoc or Sub-committee of Administrative Team
  • District Crisis Response Team (DCRT)
  • School Situation Response Teams (SRT)
  • Pupil Services Team
  • Parent/Citizen Advisory Group