ESL/Bilingual Education

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The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District English as a Second Language (ESL)/Bilingual Program supports English language learners (ELLs) in their English language development while helping them achieve academically.

ESL/Bilingual services are available in all buildings in the District. For more information, please contact an ESL/Bilingual resource teacher at your child’s school.

Elm Lawn Elementary School

Nichelle Galván,, 829-9078

Northside Elementary School

Patricia Garcia,, 829-9181

Park Elementary School

Terry Andrews,  826-7776

Sauk Trail Elementary School

Michelle Bolstad,, 829-9204

Angela Guzman,, 829-9195

Sunset Ridge Elementary School

Roberto Moreno Diaz,, 829-9307

Pamela Meuer,, 829-9307

West Middleton Elementary School

Mary Emerich,, 829-9248

Melissa Schwenn,, 829-9381

Glacier Creek Middle School

Terry Andrews,, 826-7776

Tammy Pérez, ESL/Bilingual Resource Teacher-   826-7628

Kromrey Middle School

Mercedes Martin,, 829-9560

Lindsey Harmon,, 829-9638

Middleton High School

Tammy Pérez, ESL/Bilingual Resource Teacher-   826-7628

Colleen Borchard,  829-9730

Daria Borokhim, ESL/Bilingual Resource Teacher, 829-9894

You may also contact:

Jannyce Rodriguez, Bilingual Family Liaison, 608-829-9484,

Alejandra Vázquez, Bilingual Family Liaison, 608-829-9601,

José Velarde, District Interpreter and Translator,   829-9029

Natasha Williams, Administrative Assistant for Bilingual Services,829-9015,

Mandi Sersch, Director of Bilingual Services,, 829-9060