About Health Services

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Our MISSION is to promote the health, learning, and overall well-being of all students thereby strengthening and improving academic performance.

Our VISION is to ensure that school health services are effective in addressing the health and safety needs of students by providing leadership and direction to school personnel, parents, and community organization to provide the critical linkage between health and student achievement.

School Nurse

The primary role of the School Nurse is to support student learning. School Nurses are a critical link between health and educational communities. In the school system, School Nurses monitor students with chronic health problems and assist in planning and providing individual accommodations to optimize learning. Students with diabetes, ADHD, asthma, and other chronic conditions require care and case management by a registered nurse.  School nurses also provide specialized care for students who depend on the use of medical equipment and technology during the school day. This includes nebulizers, catheters, feeding tubes, glucose meters, insulin injection, and insulin pumps. Their skill and training cannot be replaced professionally or legally, by teachers, aides, and other staff unless delegated by a School Nurse.

Health Assistant

The primary role of the health assistant is to care for the students’ health needs when they present them to the health office each day.  A student’s health needs can range from illness to injury to administering daily medication to insuring that individual health care plans are being implemented. The health assistant monitors the immunization records making sure each child is compliant with state immunization laws. They support the School Nurse in many ways such as planning for the health needs of students when on field trips, gathering required medical orders, and communicating with staff and parents about a child’s injury, illness, or diagnosis.

Help us provide the best possible care for your child by:

  • Annually completing the Student Enrollment Form accurately and thoroughly.
  • Report past and present health information. If your child needs a medication or medical procedure at school, be sure to complete the required paperwork and contact your child's school nurse prior to school starting. School Nurses are back in the District by mid-August.
  • Providing current phone numbers for work, home and cell so if your child is injured or becomes ill, health offices are easily able to get in contact with you.
  • Listing other individuals on the enrollment form who may be notified if school staff can't reach you. Inform these individuals that you have listed them as emergency contacts on your child's school enrollment form. Please arrange with them that they are to act on your behalf when you are not available. This includes transporting and caring for your ill or injured child.

Contacts in the Health Services Office:

Danielle Krbecek                                                     
Health Services Coordinator

Becky Ketarkus
Middleton High School/CSCS School Nurse

Penny Hendrickson
Middleton High School/CSCS School Nurse
Phone  826-7632

Kathy Vander Sanden
Middleton High School/CSCS Health Assistant
608-829-9687 (Health Office Number)

Brynn Cunat
Glacier Creek/Park School Nurse



Park Health Assistant
608-829-9294 (Health Office Number)

Yolanda Burkeland-McCowan
Glacier Creek Health Assistant
608-829-9427 (Health Office Number)

Jenna Blizard
Kromrey/Sauk Trail School Nurse

Sara Kahl
Kromrey Health Assistant
608-829-9537 (Health Office Number)

Renae Hall
Sauk Trail Health Assistant
608-829-9240 (Health Office Number)

Tayler Trecek
Northside & Elm Lawn (4K & Early Childhood)
School Nurse

Emily Wittrock
Elm Lawn, 4K & Early Childhood Health Assistant

Julie Corstvet
Northside Health Assistant
608-829-9157 (Health Office Number)

Gina Schuster
Pope Farm Health Assistant
608-826-7763 (Health Office Number)

Sonya Waldorf
Sunset Ridge/West Middleton/Pope Farm School Nurse

Lori Hartung
Sunset Ridge Health Assistant
608-829-9347 (Health Office Number)



West Middleton Health Assistant
608-829-9363 (Health Office Number)

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