Substitute Positions

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. 

Please click on the link below to read our District’s Mission/Vision/Goals.

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Mission/Vision/Goals

Please click on the links below to log into WECAN where you will be able to view our open positions and apply.

  • When you click on the link it will take you to our list of open positions on WECAN.  If you would like to apply please click on the Vacancy ID of the position.  For each position you are interested in you will need to apply.

Before you apply on WECAN you will need to have this list of applicant materials ready to upload with your application.  WECAN does not allow you to change (or attach anything to) your application once you have applied.  Here is the list:

  1. Cover letter or letter of interest
  2. Resume
  3. If you are applying for a substitute teacher position then we will need your DPI teaching or Substitute teacher license (this includes Substitute teaching permit)
  4. If you are applying for a substitute para educator then we will need your special education para educator license

Please do not send additional applicant materials via email or mail.  All applicant materials must be attached to your WECAN application or your application is considered incomplete.

WECAN does not allow you to withdraw and then re-apply for the same posting so please do not withdraw unless you truly do not want to be considered for the position.

If you are applying for any of the substitute positions listed below then you will need to also apply with Teachers On Call.  Here is the link to their website:

  • Substitute Administrative Assistants/Clerical
  • Substitute Para Educator Regular and Special Education
  • Substitute Teacher Regular and Special Education

Please click on either link below to see the Substitute Positions we currently have open.

Substitute Support Staff positions

Substitute Teaching positions

The District is an equal opportunity employer. Personnel hiring and administration in the District shall be conducted so as not to discriminate against applicant or employee on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender expression, gender identity, gender nonconformity or change of sex, marital or parental status, national origin, disability or handicap, creed, color, political affiliation, pregnancy, citizenship, ancestry, arrest record, conviction record not substantially related to the nature of a person's job or activity in the school, membership in the national guard, state defense force or any other United States or Wisconsin reserve component of the military forces, use or nonuse of lawful products off school premises during non-working hours, or any other reason prohibited by state or federal law.