Business/Fiscal Services

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Welcome to the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District's Fiscal Services Department. The Fiscal Services Department is responsible for budgeting and fiscal planning, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, grants, fixed assets, payroll, audits, and cash flow management.

The District's Fiscal Management Philosophy

The District shall manage all fiscal matters in accordance with the following beliefs:

  • The District shall adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations, as well as the terms of all employee contracts in matters of fiscal management.
  • All revenues, expenditures, and assets of the District shall support top quality, successful educational programs specified by the community.
  • The District shall explore all practical sources of income, control expenditures, and manage the investments and assets of the District taking into account safety, liquidity, and the greatest possible returns.
  • The District shall practice sound and accepted accounting and reporting principles.
  • The purchases of goods and services shall reflect the best available value for the District taking into account all factors as determined by the Superintendent or designee through administrative procedures.

Contacts in the Fiscal Services Department:

Erin Wheeler
Director of Finance & Operations


Michelle Babiuk
Financial Specialist

  • Accounts Payable (Checks & ACH)
  • Vendor Management
  • Credit Card Administrator (9-12 & District)
  • 1099 Processing

Connie Heinemeyer
Payroll Specialist

  • Unemployment Verifications
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • 403b Administration
  • Tax Withholdings
  • Specific questions (para-educators, stipends, extra pay-teachers, internal subs, WRS administration)

Cindy Hogan
MHS Financial Specialist

  • School Accounting Management (deposits, credit card reconciliation, accounts payable, reports, gifts)
  • Student Fees (assignments & collection)
  • Student Activities/Clubs on My Payments Plus

Ruth Post
Payroll Specialist

  • Unemployment Verifications
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • 403b Administration
  • Tax Withholdings
  • Specific questions (PSSP, Food Service, Custodian, Transportation/Mechanics, Pool, Leav Time Allocation/Rollver)

Amy Runde
Purchasing & Financial Specialist

  • Purchases/RFPs
  • Accounts Receiveable
  • Cash Receipts (deposit posting)
  • Financial Support (PK-8)
  • Credit Card Administrator (PK-8)

Stephanie Ziegler
Grants & Financial Specialist

  • Grant Management
  • Security & Account Number Access
  • Journal Entries
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bank Reconciliation


Contacts in the Business Services Department:

Lori Ames
Assistant Superintendent
of Operations

Jane Hinrichs
Administrative Assistant
of Operations


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