Kromrey 8th grader wins District spelling bee

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David Whittingham, an eighth-grader at Kromrey, won the MCPASD Spelling Bee on Wednesday, Jan. 21 at the Performing Arts Center.

Approximately 60 students in grades 4-8 -- all of whom won school bees -- participated in the 3-hour District event. Glacier Creek sixth-grader Lauren Poehling finished in second place. 

To see more photos from the spelling bee, please visit the District's Facebook page.

The top eight students are eligible to compete at the Regional Spelling Bee in Stoughton on March 4. Students who finished in ninth through 12th place are alternates.

The top 12 were:

1. David Whittingham 8, KMS
2. Lauren Poehling 6, GCMS
3. Shailaja Singh 8, GCMS
4. Meghna Datta 8, GCMS
5. Anaka Srinivas 7, GCMS
6. Megan Bauerle 7, GCMS
7. Jahnvi Datta 4, SSR
8. Varun Gupta 5, GCMS
9. Andrew Martin 8, GCMS
10. Charlotte Neumann 5, KMS
11. Cian Carlson 7, GCMS
12. Hansen Jin 5, KMS

"Thank you to all who came to cheer on the spellers,'' said Ruth Frawley, an advanced learning specialist in the District.