Church parking lot gate locked starting April 1

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The Gateway Community Church parking lot has been used as a student dropoff and pickup point for some time. Concerns have arisen about the safety and liability this poses for the church and the school district as there is not a path that is maintained on either side of the gate that enables this connection. While the church officials do not object to their parking lot being used as a dropoff and pickup area, they have no reason to build or maintain a path to the school.  

Likewise, the District already provides safe and well-maintained sidewalks to access Northside from High Road, adjacent neighborhoods, and has a crossing guard at Harmony and High Road so there is no reason for the District to build and maintain a path to the church. The District also operates a very safe and efficient transportation system to provide students with convenient access to our schools. If you do need to drop your students off,
please use the school parking lot.  Our process is efficient and pretty quick.

We will be locking the gate starting April 1, at which point students will need to use the sidewalk on High Road to get between Northside and the church parking lot.  Obviously, this is not ideal and we would much prefer you use a different option.  

Please contact Northside Principal Duy Nguyen with questions or comments.