Board gets report on Northside, Sauk Trail

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Sauk Trail principal Chris Dahlk and Northside principal Roz Craney reviewed the school report cards and continuous improvement plans for their respective schools at the regular meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, Nov. 4.     


Craney was thrilled with the consistency the school has shown on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction School Report Cards. Staff are looking at little things to help bump the school up to significantly exceeding standards next year. 


"We're very happy at Northside,'' he said. "We have great kids and great teachers.''


He also raved about the technology that has been added, including Chromebooks and iPad minis. The new music curriculum has been very popular and he also commended art teacher Betsy Delzer  for her use if iPads in her classes.


"It's absolutely amazing what we are putting in our kids' hands,'' he said.


Finally, he reminded the Board about the school's hands pledge that is recited every morning. Northside has used the pledge for four years and he believes it really has made the school a safer, friendlier place.


Dahlk admitted her staff isn't comfortable with having the lowest score in the District on the School Report Card and said Sauk Trail's goal is to move up. She believes differentiating learning and pushing growth among all students will help that happen.  


"We have students already coming into a WKCE test thinking, 'I can't do this,' '' she said. 


Dahlk pointed out a number of positives taking place at Sauk Trail including: extended day, differentiation conference, diversity training, mind-set understanding and a positive testing environment for students.


She also raved about the District's first full professional development day in October rather than the half-days that have been used in the past. Sauk Trail spent the first one focusing on reading.


"I left there giddy,'' she said.