Principal's Page

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Hello Northside Families!

Below are a few things that make Northside special:

1.  Buddy Bench

 The buddy bench helps foster friendships and encourages inclusion. Northside Elementary School has two buddy benches. A student will sit on the bench if they are looking for someone to play with during recess. Students know that if they see someone on the bench, they should invite him/her to play with them.


SPLASH is an acronym from our Northside mission, which is:

·         Safe

·         Positive

·         Learning environment where we are

·         Always

·         Supportive with

·         High expectations

All students from each grade are in a SPLASH group with an assigned staff member. SPLASH groups meet once a month for 30 minutes and work on an activity based on the year’s theme. This school year our theme is optimism, persistence, empathy, and flexibility.

3.  Dolphin Dash/Dance


Dolphin Dash is an activity that students can participate in during lunch recess on Wednesday in both the fall and the spring. Every lap a student completes on the path in the back of the school, he/she receives a foot token. The Dolphin Dance is every Wednesday. Music is played outside and students can dance!

4.  Hands Pledge


We say the Hands Pledge each morning during announcements. We encourage all students and staff to follow the Hands Pledge (Hands Pledge website).

5.  Northside Way

The Northside Way refers to the teaching of three (3) positive school-wide expectations: Be Responsible, Respectful and Safe. Using common language, students and staff are taught what these expectations are in all areas of our school. Students are acknowledged with Dolphin Tails when they are meeting expectations. The Dolphin Tails contribute to earning classroom and school-wide celebrations. This teaches the students that their actions impact themselves, their class, and their school.