Warholic wins Education Foundation logo contest

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Jason Warholic was named the winner of the MCPASD Education Foundation Logo Contest.

Warholic will receive a check for $500 for his winning entry. His design will be used as the foundation's logo on brochures and letterhead and in any branding the organization does, Education Foundation Specialist Perry Hibner said.

A crowd of nearly 30, including many of the Education Foundation board of directors, attended a reception on Thursday night at Electronic Theatre Controls, 3031 Pleasant View Road. Pictures from the reception are available on the district's Facebook page.

Hibner was hoping for a slightly bigger crowd. He heard from a number of people who wanted to attend, but weren't able to make it because of the UW-Syracuse men's basketball game that started around the same time.

"The next time I see Bo Ryan I'm going to give him a hard time,'' Hibner said with a laugh.

Nearly 50 entries were submitted for the contest. Five board members reviewed the entries and picked three finalists. The other finalists were Christopher Hillebrand and Joel Siebold. A three-person panel, including the owner of a local graphic design firm, then picked the winner.

"I've seen hundreds of education foundation logos and I really feel like Jason's rendition is a cut above the others,'' Hibner said. "It incorporates many of the images you think of regarding education but in a unique way. It is truly special and we are fortunate to have it as our logo.''

Each of the final entries is available here.

"It certainly wasn't easy narrowing it down,'' Hibner said. "We felt there there were a lot of winning entries sent in.''

The contest began on Jan. 1 and lasted for a month.

In mid-October, the Education Foundation was awarded a Community Impact Challenge Grant from the Madison Community Foundation. The grant is a 2-for-1 match. The school district has until Dec. 31, 2012, to raise $70,000. If it does, MCF will provide a $35,000 grant to the MCPASD Education Foundation.

Below is an edited version of Hibner's speech at the reception:

"Welcome and thank you for attending this celebration. Not only is this a night where we unveil the winner of our logo contest but it is an opportunity for us to share with all of you the vision and mission of the MCPASD Education Foundation.

"The foundation was started a year ago. We wanted to strengthen the already strong partnerships that exist between the schools and our community. Strong foundations get buy-in from stakeholders and our task as an organization in the coming months is to inform students, staff, parents, community members and businesses what programs we will support and what needs to happen to make it grow.

"The mission statement we adopted a few months ago is supporting innovation and excellence in learning by building partnerships with our communities. This reception is just the beginning. We want to bring business leaders into our schools to learn more about how the district is preparing students to compete in the 21st century. We want to develop partnerships between our business community and our students. We want their ideas and we need their support.

"Our schools and staff have always provided wonderful opportunities for our students, hence our tagline: Inspiring Experiences. The foundation’s board of directors has identified three programs that we believe will resonate with potential donors: mini-grants for staff with innovative ideas; scholarships for graduating seniors, students who want to travel abroad and students participating in enrichment programs; and, finally, increased assess to technology, especially for our low-income students. Like many districts an opportunity gap exists between our most affluent and poorest students. We must close that gap and we believe providing subsidized computers and internet access to our low-income students will help achieve that goal.

"We currently have nine members on our board and many of them are here tonight. Let me take a minute to introduce the ones who are here: Ellen Lindgren, Don Johnson, Leeanne Hallquist, Steph Mueller-Moen and Shawna Bertalot. Four others, Anjie Harris-Ostrem, Tom Kobinsky, Charlie Saeman and Brenda Delabarre, couldn’t be here tonight.

"I also want to thank our partner, Madison Community Foundation. MCF collects and handles our monies. The organization, and particularly Bob Sorge, has provided us with valuable resources and information these past few months.

"Our staff giving campaign begins right after spring break. Our goal is to get 75 percent participation, which is about 25 percent above a regular giving campaign. We need to raise $70,000 to receive a $35,000 matching grant from MCF. It is my honor to announce tonight that HR Imaging has pledged to give the foundation $6,000 a year for a minimum of three years and up to five years. We believe other district vendors will also be contributing to the foundation in the coming months.

"Thank you again for attending tonight’s reception and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more information about the foundation or the school district.''