Twenty recognized by WSMA

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Twenty MHS music students have been invited to participate in the 2018 Wisconsin School Music Association High School State Honors Project.

Seven other students were selected as alternates. Each of these students auditioned for an ensemble in the WSMA State Honors Music Project on Feb. 20.

The following students were selected, along with their area and instrument: Ben Petersen, trumpet (band), Eric Lee, violin (orchestra), Meghna Datta, violin (orchestra), Susanna Zheng, clarinet (band), Alexis Stahnke, trumpet (band), Megan Andrews, French horn (orchestra), Ava DeCroix, soprano (treble choir), Saemee Kim, clarinet (band), Mia Chapman, violin (orchestra), Alex Ashley, trumpet (band), Erica Collin, bassoon (band), Ben Fagre, percussion (orchestra), Jonah Guse, violin (orchestra), Mary Hsu, violin (orchestra), Abigail Mangas, flute (band), Hanna Noughani, oboe (orchestra), Sophia Patton, clarinet (orchestra), Abhav Soni, clarinet (band), Lucy Croasdale, tenor sax (band) and Andrew Stine, baritone sax (jazz ensemble).

The following are alternates: Sam Miller, cello (orchestra), Sai Mallannagari, violin (orchestra), Michael Chiaverini, baritone (mixed choir), Jonathan Downs, tenor sax (jazz ensemble), Elizabeth Engle, soprano (mixed choir), Ben Foster, alto sax (band), and Max Newcomer, alto sax (jazz ensemble).

Students selected for the WSMA State Honors Music Project participate in a 3½-day summer camp in June and perform in Madison during late October as part of the Wisconsin State Music Conference. The WSMA State Honors Music Project is nationally recognized as one of the finest musical opportunities for young people.