Twelve honored at District Spelling Bee

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Kromrey fifth-grader Ray Feinberg took first place at the District Spelling Bee on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Performing Arts Center.

The top 12 spellers were recognized with awards. The top eight will advance to the Regional Spelling Bee on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at Stoughton High School.

District students advanced to the District Spelling Bee from middle school spelling bees earlier in the school year. The top 12 finishers at the District Spelling Bee were:

Place Name School Grade Place Name School Grade
1st Ray Feinberg Kromrey 5th 7th Rajeshwari Rawal Kromrey 6th
2nd Annabelle Reppen Glacier Creek 8th 8th Ryan Zhu Kromrey 5th
3rd Hansen Jin Kromrey 8th 9th Janice Chung Kromrey 7th
4th Beckett Reppen Glacier Creek 7th 10th Sajid Habib Kromrey 8th
5th Grace Wu Kromrey 6th 11th Chris Kirk Kromrey 5th
6th Naveedul Ansari Kromrey 7th 12th Aarush Jain Kromrey 8th

In other Advanced Learning news:

* Taylor Nordeng's play was selected to be the finalist from Children's Theater of Madison for its national contest.  Four other students -- Daphne Wu, Catie Harris, Liliana Roden and Franklin Hu -- received special recognition for their work. CTM will produce Taylor's play at the Spring Youth Playwrights Festival in May.

* The District has submitted 168 pieces of writing, cartoons or artwork to the Yahara River Writers Contest from students in grades 5-8. This contest includes students from 25 school districts in southern Wisconsin.  Students can submit work in one of these categories: poetry, cartoon, short story, editorial or cover/divider pages.  New this year, the Yahara contest is also accepting poetry in Spanish.  Seventeen students Spanish poetry entries were also submitted.  Contest results generally come in late February. 

* Gus Balasubramaniam, Katy Bouril, Elora Doxtater, Sneha Chandrashekar, Abby Gessler, Erin Gonter, Aarush Jain, Lydia Hanson, Franklin Hu, Heba Haq, Elaina Jones, Kaitlyn Ko, Sophia Jorgensen, David Ma, Christie Munson, Sarah Mounajjed, Finn Patenaude, Warren Shepard, Daphne Wu, Zaki Siraj and Rachel Yoo had there scenarios submitted to the State Future Problem Solvers competition later this year.

* Kromrey eighth-graders Rohan Kommuri, Aarush Jain, Sam Gustafson, Griffin McGrath and Sanjay Sureshr took third place at the U.S. Department of Energy Science Bowl at the UW-Madison School of Engineering on Jan. 29. Eighth-grade science teacher Bruce Koeller oversaw their efforts.