Total enrollment more than 7,500

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Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided an update on enrollment to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 10 and noted total enrollment is more than 7,500 students for the first time.

As of the end of last week, MCPASD has 7,173 K-12 students, which is 216 more than a year ago. Cyra  noted she included eSchool students in that total for the first time as numbers have dropped there due to no new open enrollment and because most online students are residents who also take some classes in District schools.

She said MHS (plus-41) and Sunset Ridge (plus-20) are the most over projections. West Middleton is 20 under projections, which she thought might be because residential growth is slowing or is due to some families requesting alternate school assignments with West Middleton over capacity by nearly 50 students.

She added a new chart that compares current enrollment with the Third Friday September count from a year ago. Every school is up from a year ago, with MHS (71) and Glacier Creek (68) leading the way.

Cyra noted there were fewer ASA requests from Glacier Creek to Kromrey than in previous years.

She said the registrar's office is following up with 10 students whose families say they are attending but out of country right now and 13 others who haven't attended so far.

Sherri noted fewer ASA requests from GC to KMS than in previous years.

This year's kindergarten class is currently at 522, which makes it the District's largest ever.

The Board had questions about eSchool dropping to 17 students. Besides limits on open enrollment, she suggested serving students remotely who can't meet with staff because they live a long ways away isn'tthe best model.

"Our approach is much different, encouraging students to take online classes and be in our buildings,'' she said. "It's an intentional design about how to best serve students rather than a model to drive up enrollment. We've reached the point where eSchool isn't a separate entity but just an option.''