Strategy Map reviewed by Board

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Superintendent Dana Monogue and other administrators reviewed the 2020-21 Strategy Map goals and progress made toward those goals as well as presenting the updated Strategy Map for the 2021-22 school year at the School Board meeting on Monday, June 28 at the District Services Center.

Monogue reminded members the current Strategy Map map was approved by the School Board before the pandemic. Deputy Superintendent Sherri Cyra then reviewed the section regarding MCPASD being a great place to learn, while Assistant Superintendent of Operations Lori Ames reviewed the area on being a great place to work.

Cyra noted the focus has been on literacy and will continue to be moving forward. Staff professional development will also focus on literacy work, she said. The District wants to see more collaboration among educators, while Cyra also noted that work was accelerated this year because Wednesdays were planning days for staff.

Priority standards in literacy by staff at all levels have been taking place since June 2020, Cyra said. Cyra noted this was especially important as students were transitioning between instructional models. While the work at all levels was completed in the past year, it will be reviewed and revised regularly going forward, she said.

Ames was excited that the District exceeded its goal and now 8 percent of its certified staff members are non-white. However, she noted there is more work to be done and Percy Brown and Barb Buffington will be developing strategies to increase those numbers.

The District plans to create new surveys for staff, along with families and students, and have them available in spring 2022. MCPASD also plans to survey families in August about what their hopes and priorities are going forward and will share that information with staff.

MCPASD wants to create more listening sessions for all employee groups that include facilitated conversations starting in the fall, she said. The District also will take a closer look at its compensation strategy in order to remain competitive, Ames said.

Monogue briefly reviewed the Great District section. She noted the current enrollment means it is unlikely MCPASD will need to go to referendum in the near future. The community partnership group presented its recommendations to the School Board in May. A small group has also been meeting to review athletic facilities and to recommend next steps.

Members spent 90 minutes in a work session before the regular meeting reviewing the 2021-22 Strategy Map. Director of High School Education Laura Love, Director of Equity and Student Achievement Percy Brown Jr. and Director of Bilingual Services Mandi Sersch-Morstad also attended the work session and regular meeting and reviewed the document with members.

Monogue noted the map was adjusted to reflect the impact of pandemic. The Strategy Map doesn't reflect all of the work in the District but does prioritize. She also emphasized it includes no new initiatives as administrators are wary of overloading staff.