Monogue presents at Get Moving Middleton

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Superintendent Dana Monogue provided an update on the District's goals, vision and construction projects, along with opportunities for area businesses to partner, to Middleton Chamber of Commerce members at the organization's monthly Get Moving Middleton morning meeting on Thursday, Oct. 3 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Nearly 200 Chamber members heard Monogue, who took over as superintendent on July 1, speak for about 7 minutes minutes. The Chamber has asked the Superintendent to provide a State of the District update at a fall GMM for the past several years.

Check out Superintendent Monogue's presentation at GMM.

She stressed the importance of partnerships between public schools and the business community.

"We especially want to transform the high school experience for our students and staff,'' she said. "High school still looks very much like it did 100 years ago. We want to change that and we want your help.''

Monogue said besides hiring students for internships or jobs she would like to have staff get opportunities to visit businesses to learn what to take back to the classroom. She also encouraged those in attendance to come to MHS and CSCS to talk about their businesses.

She shared the District's strategy map for 2016-21 and noted the focus continues to be on a plan for growth, improving student engagement and well-being and enhancing adult engagement and well-being. Monogue stressed that there is a very real teacher shortage and the District is working hard to attract and retain the very best in the profession.

Monogue noted the District continues to grow and is a destination district in Dane County. MCPASD grew by more than 100 K-12 students this year and has more than 7,200 students in its K-12 buildings and more than 7,500 when 4K students are included.

Monogue also reviewed the District's demographics, noting MCPASD has become more diverse over the past decade. She noted there are currently 72 languages spoken by District families.

She thanked the community for its overwhelming support of the referendum questions that were approved in November 2018. She noted construction on the District's seventh elementary school, Pope Farm, began in the summer and is already more than four weeks ahead of schedule. The school will open for the start of the 2020-21 school year and help ease capacity challenges at many of the other elementary schools. She also noted the District is in the middle of redrawing its internal boundaries to determine which students will attend Pope Farm.

She shared a few images of what MHS will look like once it is rebuilt and expanded. She noted CSCS will move into the rebuilt high school and that the current CSCS building will become an Early Learning Center housing 3- and 4-year-olds with special needs.

Monogue closed the presentation by sharing information about the latest rankings. MHS was ranked the No. 1 high school in Dane County and No. 5 in Wisconsin. Kromrey and Glacier Creek were ranked in the top four in Dane County for middle schools, while all six elementary schools were ranked in the top 10 in Dane County. MCPASD was the No. 1 ranked district in Dane County and No. 4 in Wisconsin.

"It was a very receptive and captivated audience,'' Monogue said afterwards. "Our business community is certainly very supportive of our schools and very willing to help us. I can't wait to work with them more.''