MHS Green Team holds bulb exchange

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The MHS Green Team, a student-led sustainability organization, held a District-wide LED Light Bulb Exchange in collaboration with the City of Middleton’s Sustainability Committee at Kromrey on Wednesday, April 28.

During the LED Light Bulb Exchange, District residents came to drop off their used incandescent or CFL light bulbs and received up to five LED light bulbs in exchange.

The purpose of this event was to help Middleton reach its goals of reducing overall energy consumption. LED light bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 years longer, on average, than incandescent bulbs. When people replace their energy inefficient bulbs with LEDs, the carbon savings is immense over the lifetime of the LED bulb and greenhouse gases are prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Six Green Team volunteers, as well as several members of the Sustainability Committee, led and helped at the event.

“Green Team is very proud to have run such a successful event,'' said Daphne Joyce Wu, president of Green Team and high school representative on the Sustainability Committee. "We gave out hundreds of LED light bulbs and collected hundreds of CFLs and incandescents in return. This was an important project, and I believe that over the years we will see an impact on our city’s energy consumption.”

Due to COVID, the event was contactless. People could place their used CFLs and incandescent bulbs in their trunk, pop it open, and a volunteer would take the used bulbs and replace it with a bag of five LED bulbs. A huge component of the event’s purpose was equity, as LED bulbs are more costly than incandescents and CFLs, and therefore many families cannot afford to purchase LEDs.

Wu said 69 households bulbs and 531 CFLs and incandescent bulbs were exchanged for 350 LED bulbs, which should result in 18.6KW of energy savings and approximately $67,000 in savings to the community over one year. 
Earlier this month, a bulb exchange was also held at the Middleton Recycling Center for city residents. "We were hardly able to keep up with the amount of people that were flooding in,'' Wu said.

Many members of the Sustainability Committee believed that LED light bulbs should be accessible so that everyone, regardless of income, can partake in energy savings. The LED light bulbs and the recycling of the CFLs were paid for by the Sustainability Committee.

Green Team hopes to hold another LED light bulb exchange event next year, Wu said.

More photos from the exchange are available on the District's Facebook page.