MHS duo qualifies for debate nationals

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MHS seniors Meghna Datta and Andrew Lee took first place in their division at the state qualifier on Jan. 5 to advance to the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Dallas in June.

The team of Abhav Soni and Anaka Srinivas also competed at the state qualifier, which was held at Milwaukee Marquette. Students debated the topic: “Resolved: The United States federal government should prioritize reducing the federal debt over promoting economic growth.”

The national tournament is June 16-21. Visit the National Speech and Debate Tournament website to learn more.

The MHS debate taem sent nearly 20 students to the Wisconsin State Debate Tournament at West Bend High School on Jan. 18-20.

MHS had four teams advance to the elimination rounds, with Meghna Datta and Andrew Lee leading the way with a third-place finish. Meghna Datta also received a ninth-place speaker award. Joseph Choi and Maggie Stone were quarterfinalists, Anaka Srinivas and Abhav Soni were octofinalists, and Ashlyn Narman and Aidan Loop were double-octofinalists.