MHS business students recognized

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Nearly 40 current or former MHS students scored among the top business students nationwide on rigorous exams to test their knowledge.

The exams are part of the school's High School of Business program, a nationally accelerated business administration program of the MBA Research and Curriculum Center. Approximately 4,500 students from across the United States participated in the program during the 2019-20 school year.

The MHS students who finished in the top 10 percent, along with the exam they took, in 2019, were:

Principles of Business: Amanda Zhu, Jackson Giles, Hansen Gin, Caden Wisinski, Amalia Morner, Jackson Rademacher, Max Roquitte, Aleide Achenbach, Elijah Roden, Lucas Brandon, Rowan Hansen, Seoyoung Min, Johanna Voss, Michael Lee, Stephen Paulsen, Wyatt Baird, Madeline Bremer, Karsen Dettman, Neel Mukherjee, Tyler Pincombe, Carson Lyons, Tyler Mayhew, Lucas Miller, Dheeraj Pasikanti, Nicholas Tangwell, Mikael Hauser, Sarah Kruchten, Jenna Rogers, Azaria Spencer, Janice Peng.

Principles of Marketing: Janice Peng, Anders Clark, Stephen Shi, Parker VanBuren, Alan Kanne, Josie Thomas, Ian Sawallish.

Due to the pandemic, the four course exams typically taken second semester were not offered.

MHS was one of just 21 schools in the nation to have at least one student in top 10 percent in Principles of Marketing. MHS was one of just 38 schools nationwide to have at least one student in the top 10 percent in Principles of Business

Students participating in High School of Business complete real, hands-on business projects through a series of six courses. The program also inludes observational internships, opportunities to earn college credit, and local oversight via a steering team of college faculty, business professionals and school personnel.

High School of Business is a program of MBA Research, a non-profit organization specializing in educational research and the development of business and marketing curriculum for high schools and colleges across the United States. The accelerated program is designed for college-bound students with interest in business administration careers, such as marketing, finance, entrepeneurship or management. For more information, please visit the national organization website.