MHS business students recognized

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Sixteen current or former MHS students scored among the top business students nationwide on rigorous exams to test their knowledge.

The exams are part of the school's High School of Business program, a nationally accelerated business administration program of the MBA Research and Curriculum Center. Approximately 6,000 students from across the United States participated in the program during the 2016-17 school year.

MHS students, along with the exam they took and year at MHS in 2017, were:

Student Course-Exam Current Year in School
Rohin Mukherjee Principles of Marketing 2017 graduate
Megan Borgmeyer Principles of Marketing 2017 graduate
Matthew Davey Business Economics 2017 graduate
Eleanor Chomiak Business Economics 2017 graduate
Annie Ma Business Economics Junior
Colton Best Business Economics 2017 graduate
Ryan Culp Business Economics 2017 graduate
Josh Cochrane Principles of Business Sophomore
Olivia Aumann Principles of Business Senior
Eric Maier Principles of Business Junior
Kim Mackey Principles of Business 2017 graduate
Meghna Datta Principles of Business Junior
Joey Kean Principles of Business Sophomore
Claire Lorman Principles of Business Junior
Will Nisbet Principles of Business Sophomore
Karsey Renfert Principles of Business Sophomore

MHS was one of just seven schools in the United States with six or more students to place in the top 20 of the exams.

Students participating in High School of Business complete real, hands-on business projects through a series of six courses. The program also inludes observational internships, opportunities to earn college credit, and local oversight via a steering team of college faculty, business professionals and school personnel.

High School of Business is a program of MBA Research, a non-profit organization specializing in educational research and the development of business and marketing curriculum for high schools and colleges across the United States. The accelerated prgram is designed for college-bound students with interest in business administration careers, such as marketing, finance, entrepeneurship or management.