FPC shares feedback from workshops

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Facilities Planning Committee co-chair Luke Francois updated the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 26 on the three Community Workshops that were held earlier in the month for residents to learn more about facilities planning and the key takeaways.

The workshops were held Feb. 5 at Kromrey, Feb. 13 at Glacier Creek and Feb. 20 at MHS. Nearly 70 residents attended at least one of the three workshops.

Francois noted that FPC members who attended the workshop on Feb. 20 spent 30-40 minutes after it ended covering common themes they had heard at the sessions. They included:

* Support for a new elementary school at the site adjacent to Pope Farm although there wasn't consensus for how big it should be. He also said attendees had questions questions about how things would work if fifth-graders would remain at that school in the short term.

* Received feedback at the first workshop about why a second high school wasn't considered. Another slide was added to final two presentations addressing why it wasn't seen as a viable solution and attendees at those workshops seemed supportive of the current high school option.

* Questions about adequate parking at MHS and the cost of the high school option.

* Noted a few attendees believe the community will support the right solution regardless of the cost.

* Concerns about referendum fatigue if another question needs to be asked in the next few years.

* Questions about if a third middle school is required as part of a future phase should it be considered sooner.

Francois shared that the next FPC meeting will take place on March 14 and the members will discuss the upcoming community survey.

"They still are energized,'' Francois said of the FPC members. "They are ready to take this across the finish line. ... They are all caring and compassionate people who want to see this succeed.''