Four set to run for school board

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Katy Morgan, Minza Karim, Todd Smith and Bob Hesselbein have submitted paperwork to run for the Board of Education.

There are four openings on the school board this year. Morgan is the only candidate in Area I, while Karim is the only candidate in Area III. Hesselbein and Smith will each run in Area IV. The top vote-getter will serve a three-year term, while the other person will serve a two-year term.

Smith is the only incumbent running, while Hesselbein was appointed in 2018 to replace Linda Yu. Kelly Kalscheur (Area I) and Kurt Karbusicky (Area III) decided to not seek re-election.

Candidates must live within the area they represent, although there are no such restrictions placed on voters.

Area I includes the Springfield area. It is east of Enchanted Valley, north of Schneider Raod and has a south boundary of Section 35 and 36 in the Town of Springfield. Area III includes the West Middleton area and includes all district property south of Old Sauk Road and extending to the south boundary of Section 13 in the Town of Middleton. Area IV includes the City of Middleton, Town of Westport and the Town of Middleton.

The election will take place on Tuesday, April 2 and members will begin their duties at the regular meeting on April 22.