Four MHS students honored by NCWIT

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MHS senior Hannah Wensing and juniors Grace Steinmetz, Shreya Godishala, and Annie Browning have been namede National Center for Women In Technology affiliate winners for Wisconsin.

They will be recognized at a ceremony at Alverno College in Milwaukee on May 5.

The four students have been working tirelessly offering a class to girls  in fourth through eighth grade on Saturdays, MHS computer science teacher Lori Hunt said.  They have brought robotics, programming, and algorithms alive for 32 young girls from around the area this year, last summer, and last school year.  Hunt said the four students also design, develop, and facilitate all of their lessons on their own.

Participants in the six-week class will showcase their work in MHS Room 3800 on Feb. 16.

Browing has also been working with the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center project making the software for a model of the actual IceCube detector using Processing, a language that uses Java syntax but has its own library. 

"She and Hannah have also done some really amazing programs in class,'' Hunt said.

Rachel Woody received national honorable mention recognition from the NCWIT in 2018, while she and senior Peyton Turner were also named Wisconsin affiliate winners of the NCWIT awards for Aspirations in Computing. Wensing received honorable mention. Woody was also recognized at the state level in 2017, while Heathery Levy and Victoria Trantow, were honored by NCWIT in 2016.

The award recognizes high school girls for their computing-related achievements and interests as part of an effort to encourage more young women to choose careers in technology.