Enrollment still trending upwards

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Deputy Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided her regular enrollment update at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 13 and noted the District had gained 34 students since the report was last run on Aug. 9.   

The meeting was moved from Monday, Aug. 12 due to multiple scheduling conflicts for Board members.
Cyra said the gains are pretty even across all three levels, with elementary gaining 11 students, while the middle and high schools each gained nine.    

The District moved section at Elm Lawn from first grade to kindergarten after discussing with Principal Bob Schell, who supported the change. Cyra also said she is checking enrollment multiple times each week in case there are any other schools where sections need to change or be added.
Even before the latest gains, enrollment was slightly ahead of where it was a year ago, Cyra said. As of
Aug. 9, K-12 enrollment for 2019-20 was at 7,142 students, which was nine students more than August 2018, although Cyra noted the numbers she shared a year ago were provided a week later than this report.

The District projected an increase of 126 K-12 students from a year ago. The District had 7,112 K-12 students in 2018-19. Cyra said August is typically a month where the District adds a lot of students and she expects to see enrollment numbers significantly higher when she gives her next presentation at the School Board meeting on Aug. 26.  

MHS is already more than 100 students over where it was a year ago during the official Third Friday September count, while CSCS is eight students above where it was a year ago. The District is already over projections at Kromrey and MHS. The District is 40 students under projections at Glacier Creek and 28 students under projections at West Middleton. Cyra noted those two schools are already over capacity and each school typically gets a lot of late registrations in August.  

The District also has 303 students registered for 4K and projected for 350 for the upcoming school year.