Enrollment projections still look good

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Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra updated the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, June 25 on enrollment projections for 2018-19.

She said the elementary level is closest to projections currently. Park is already over projections, while Northside and Sunset Ridge are within four students of their respective projections. MHS and CSCS are also on pace with projections, although middle school numbers are currently 56 below projections.

Cyra noted that kindergarten enrollment is already at 501 students, which is six over projections. She expects kindergarten numbers to be over projections at most of the six elementary schools. She also said this will likely be the largest kindergarten class ever, surpassing the 501 total from two years ago.

Cyra noted Elm Lawn has two rooms, not three, available because the school is adding half-section of 4K. She also reminded the Board that West Middleton is only one room short, not three, because the new structure being this summer will contain two classrooms.

Elm Lawn and West Middleton are the elementary schools most below projections but she also noted each school has seen significant gains over the past two years in the summer.

Cyra said she typically does the enrollment update at the second meeting in June but will be gone later in the month. She speculated that enrollment would likely be higher if the report was on June 25.

The Board had questions regarding class sizes at a few grades. She said the District continues to monitor every school and grade but that currently all are within the class size guidelines.

There are 6,933 K-12 students registered as of today, which is 142 more than June 2017.The District is projecting 7,078 K-12 students for 2018-19, 171 more than this past year.