Enrollment projections hold steady

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Deputy Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided her monthly update on enrollment for the next school year and noted the District is 96 students above where it was a year ago at this time.

Board president Annette Ashley presided over the meeting at the District Services Center, while other Board members participated remotely. The School Board has held six virtual meetings since mid-March.

As of June 22, the District has a building enrollment of 7,223 students for the 2020-21 school year and 7,476 students when 4K is factored in. Cyra also noted this will be her last report that uses census numbers for kindergarten students and that starting in July she will present using actually students enrolled, which currently is 17 students fewer than the census total.

Pope Farm is 16 students over projections, while Elm Lawn, Sauk Trail and West Middleton are each about 15 students under projections. Cyra noted even with the additional students at Pope Farm that class sizes are currently close to the to the average in each grade at the elementary level.    

Cyra said 4K enrollment is nearly 70 students below projections, which she suspects is due to the pandemic and families waiting to see what might happen in the fall before deciding what to do. She also believes registrations will pick up once the District Services Center reopens on July 6.  

The elementary level is currently 35 students below projections, while MHS and CSCS are a combined 28 students below projections. The middle schools are a combined 56 students below projections, but with Glacier Creek and Kromey already over capacity smaller numbers may be a benefit, she said.  

The Board wondered about the impact of fewer registrations on the Two-Way Immersion program at Sauk Trail. Cyra noted there are fewer enrollments for that program, along with fewer English Language Learners enrolling as well. She also wonders if not being able to hold in-person meetings for TWI has had an impact.