Enrollment numbers still look good

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Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided her monthly update on enrollment for the next school year and noted numbers are still on track for the District to grow by a projected 162 students at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, May 13.

She said the District received the latest report from Mark Roffers. The report provides projections for every school and level for 2025-26 and 2030-31 along with current attendance areas and capacity at each school. He also provides numbers for each of the 70-plus neighborhoods in the District. She noted the 78-page report will be shared with the Internal Attendance Boundary Committee as well.
A sixth section at the kindergarten level has been added at West Middleton, she said. The District is closely monitoring kindergarten numbers at Elm Lawn, and will add a fifth section if needed.

The District had 160 more students in April than it did a year ago and that number jumped to 168 in May. She noted 4K projected enrollment is down by more than 75 students, but she said that is in part because MCPASD is doing a better job of cleaning up enrollment data earlier in the process. The District is still projecting 350 4K students in 2019-20.

Cyra said the elementary and high school levels should see increases next year, while the middle school level will see a decline mainly due to a very large eighth-grade class moving to the high schools. She said the middle schools will gain again when the current second-grade class moves to Glacier Creek and Kromrey.

She also expects West Middleton will also need to use a room off the LMC for a classroom in 2019-20. The school also used it as a classroom in 2017-18.