District leaders hopeful 2021-22 enrollment numbers continue to climb

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Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Lori Ames, provided an update on student enrollment during this week's board meeting. Typically, our district sees an increase in enrollment during June and July, and this year was no different. MCPASD saw a 28 student increase in the past month as of July 19, 2021.
  • 14 elementary 
  • 3 secondary
  • 11 4k  
Ames said while 28 is incredible, the district will not meet their enrollment projection. 
Currently, we are 260 fewer students in grades K-12 and 47 less for 4K. The district had already begun section reductions, even before this week's board meeting, which means as the district saw vacancies rather than fill the positions, district leaders moved staff around from schools that saw significant drops in enrollment. 
"When we compare where we are right now from September of 2020, we're about 243 students less," said Ames. "I look at trends, and I would expect to see a jump from July to August. We continue to have students and families coming in to enroll daily."
Ames also mentioned that the number of families that have not come back yet, along with the impact of the current housing market, had caused many area school districts not to meet their projections. 
The final enrollment numbers will be announced in September.
As the numbers change, the district also looks at all schools to make sure we follow class size regulations. Right now, Park Elementary's 4th-grade class is on a watch, with a class size of 28, which is still within guidelines. 
"At 28, we are required to put together an action plan," said Ames. "So, that if enrollment should happen to exceed the class guidelines, then we have a plan ready to implement."
Director of Elementary Education, MaryBeth F. Paulisse, and Principal of Park Elementary, Monica Schommer, have evaluated different action plans if the class size increases. 
To view the enrollment report, click here.