DECA students fare well at Districts

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Forty-nine students MHS competed at the DECA District 3 Career Development Conference at Sun Prairie High School on Saturday, Jan, 12.

Junior Lily Baird took first place in hotel and lodging marketing for the second straight year. 

To see more photos, please visit the District's Facebook page.

Other MHS series champions included:

Lauren Dahler: second place in Apparel and Accessories Marketing.

Poojha Prabahara Sundar and Zinnia Nie: second place in Financial Services.

Zinnia Nie: second place in Economics Test.

Amber Kaplan and Elizabeth Schink: third place in Sports Marketing Team.

Nina Wakeham: fourth place in Food Marketing.

Ashley Biwott: fourth place in Accounting/Business Finance and fourth place on the Economics Exam. 

Emery Engling: fourth place in Business Services.

Students took a marketing exam and performed role plays based on scenarios they would encounter if they worked in business. Medals were given based on their performance.  

MHS DECA adviser Robert Hutchison noted most of the students competed at UW-Whitewater and Middleton's own mini-conference, making this their third competition of the year. 

"Students in most other chapters were competing for the first time so it's easy to see that the two prior competitions helped the students do well,'' Hutchison said. 

MHS students to earn honorable mention included: Bridget Holahan, Elena Roden, Sarah Miller (Apparel and Accessories), Conner Bills and Caleb Radtke (Business Law), Sarah Foley and Anja Newcomer (Hospitality Team), Karen Lu and Daphne Wu (Marketing Management Team), Searra Funch (Retail Merchandising) and Drew Jungbluth and Guyan Gibson (Sports Marketing Team).

MHS medal winners included Lily Baird, Conner Bills, Ashley Biwott, Lauren Dahler, Emery Engling, Sarah Foley, Isaac Flottmeyer, Searra Funch, Guyan Gibson, Isaac Gueu, Julia Healy, Bridget Holahan, Drew Jungbluth, Amber Kaplan, Julio Lima Sanchez, Vesa Ljumani, Karen Lu, Amalia Morner, Christie Munson, Anja Newcomer, Zinnia Nie, Elizabeth Schink, Poojha Prabahara Sundar, Caleb Radtke, Elena Roden, Nina Wakeham and Daphne Wu.

Fourteen MHS students will move on to the State Career Development Conference at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in March.